Undivided Attention

Chorus (Protege):

Now all you gotta do is just use your imagination

And take a second to listen

To this here music we're making

And maybe you can learn a little and just see how

We rock it every time whether it's part of the play or freestyle



Designs speaking to you, in rhyme we will debut

In time we coming through to leave you bitches confused

Our minute's been overdue, Audible's giving truth

If you useless with what you do, the game will catch up to you

The floor is what we running, watch your lane coz we coming

Moment I see you snoozing I knock you out of position

Now listen you're out of breath, take a second to rest

Look around who is next, we'll show you just who the best



Now don't you get us started, coz we'll leave you all retarded in a blink

With a line produced without personally having to think

Come up with a quip, so quickly it's sickly

How you scream to the world like a little girl, your balls shrink

I'll make you an example, no, we don't have to battle to show

That we are many times over what you can handle and so

This is a lesson oh, you better listen it's all right

They'll inevitably see you're all hype (you're all hype)


Repeat Chorus (2x) (Protege and Los)



Yo Protege, let em hear that shit



When our music's on, they listen to every line

Trying to capture every sentence so they're pressing rewind

They go back to review what they heard, study your verse

Listen for every word, trying to learn from your work

And you be telling the truth to say I'm tight and I shine

With every rhyme that i write so it's only right that I rhyme

And if you say that I’m average so you're clearing your mind

From every line that you hear, then it's here that you're lying

Because we know that we're ill, and we know that it's time

For audible to take over and leave all the haters behind



So don't you wanna know what you're missing?

Coz we can take it anywhere, sky is the limit

You suckers you can doubt, you can frown or you can listen

We rollin to follow the freestyle in a minute (let's go)


Repeat chorus (2x)



So what are you waiting on, I see the passion so I know you got it

It's been debated, the most underrated hence disregarded

So take control and understand it, those that are different

In thought and will are destined to be great, whenever doubted

So how about it, you thinking on being

The unexpected, deviating, and be grabbing the moment seizing

man you gotta keep believing, see self-expression is your semen

it's up to you to let it go but we know which is the better feelin

now listen and take a second to witness just mind your business

It sickens the masses when it outclasses their standards

The time has come and it was with one when this whole movement was begun

Now it's said and done, get to freestyling and leave em stunned



Why would you even think you have the slimmest of chances

When we all know that you turn tail when shit hits the fan

So here's the situation, audible's what you're facing save your breath

Coz we'll leave you begging for a consolation (consolation)


Repeat chorus (2x)


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