Den Sy Ty
Producer: Ichiro

Living in the land of the lost, overembellishin'

Taking orders from the mystery boss, false nourishment

These demons praying for your demise, hate crystallized

Secret staircase lead to the room of forgotten smiles

Faulty mutations got you living in the moment

But deeper when you burrow, as would a rodent

Crooked like the lines of your path, show me your teeth

Travelling the world using someone else's feet

Heart’s steady to the Earth’s beat, def life though

Obedient little dogs we are just like Fido

Eyes pretty sore for now, need some Eye-Mo

Extinction must be straight up ahead, every day mile low


A flicker fish, a secret dish

Where every wish is your command

Undo the roots with distant routes

We borrow truths from foreign lands


We broke the mold when we were made

Everyday game of charades

Finders keepers, keep a double-edged blade

Fear of our own shadows on parade

Saints and sinners

We take from both trees but in the garden of our minds

We sow from different seeds


Maze mountain, eternal youth fountain

Dream reality distorting your views, do your assignment

Uncluttering the mind for now we keep quiet

They trying sell you a golden story but don't buy it

Rubbin' two stones together crystal castles

Knowledge of the past we cast our town portals

Curtains up we pucker up our lips too dry for kissin'

Curtains up we butter up our lines too short for fishing


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