Better Half

Into Your Program
Producer: Skarm

Intro (2x):

So close your eyes as I take away the hype, no people in sight

Just shedding some light

Beheaded my demons in the thrill of this night

Just to be the better man that I can

I hold the future in the palm of my hands



So in the calm of the storm, I raise my palm

And wave away the days of gone

And awake to the state of dawn

Lovin you to the early morning

Baby listen for these angels whisper words in this song...

I grab the mic tight..

You the love of my life

Skip repeat play the rhyme, lay rewind til the night

Never leaving my sight, the shield to this fight

Climb high soaring more defeating the hype, it's alright hell yea

Hella dope you by my side

Protect you from the jesters fooling the hive

Live free, feel the heat and the passion as we dive

The future is bright in the sky, just hold on as we glide

Never hide, the cave, the refuge, the tone

The blessing, the new approach to this microphone

I'm home, so let’s begin the building of Rome

With pillars so high we escalate to the top of this throne what

See there's a special kind of thing that I get this from the real

It's what you bring when I get the urge to spill

Trip, cause my demons kill

You make me stand still and breathe the moment of thrills

Coursing my stream with unlimited chills

I take the stand as the man I've aspired at will

So it's a new road of me that learned to channel by feel...

And maybe one day you change the destination for real..

For real the definition of Phil

Like the Spanish guitar strumming its strings

When the snares guide your neck to nod and know what this brings

Better things what's coursing in within the strength within

Twin angelic wings,  spinning and lifting amidst these heavy whims

Dragon flames interspinning taking over with kins

I take my throne as my spirit screams loud to these kings

Feel the winds gust and blow away irrelevant things

My better half is back, and I feel invincible kid

No hate that's level 1 when you spit

I don't dismiss cause I negate hell to dwell in this pit

Observe the rush while I educate the world with my wit

The world is yours brother man so just get out of your shit

Cause this life has a way of making scars inhibit the forward move

So I share my bars to exhibit the groove

No ego in a place where you aim to be and stay

The road of sacrifice is the only way so I say

To live in the day, we must believe in a way

That we fail to understand but we leap anyway

An act of humbling ourselves to the unknown role that we play

We don't know where we're going but you know we on our way

Skarm - Into Your Program (2014):



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