Call to Arms

Post Mortem Ambush
Producer: Defcon


Prepare your final thoughts, this dope verse will inspire war

It's the type of shit that can strike a spinal cord

Try to fight us all, we'll welcome you with open firearms

Ya'll spit artificial flame while we design the bombs

The most vile of all, performing homicide in songs

Fuck 16 bars, i deliver crowbars when im in rapping form

Punchlines equate to an axe in skull, keeping the caskets full

Severed limbs of your fam offered by the Plazma cult

This is a vast assault, this ain't no record of the year

This is a power drill puttin a brand new flavor in ya ear

Facing me in the ring, that's like facing all your fears

Except you won't prevail, my utmost rage is what you'll feel

On a double edged blade you'll get impaled, all your entrails

Will be waving in the air, MDK click be the creators of your hell

So when we spaz out on the mic device gore is your destiny

Fuck the flavor of the month, we are the storm of the century


Brent Barrie:

Sleep is deepest when nightmares are most real

It is the hour when sleepless are haunted by their deepest fear

As individual unit we are the gears

Take a look on your rear view mirror as the cloud of smoke clears 

It appears that this feeling is far to comforting

Like a pro skater telling him to wear his ridiculous headgear

Never interfere subsequent exposure leave you impaled

With gun as pen blood as ink I draft the final tragic

Attic expeditions of a disturbed young man

Bantered by his silly haircut and unacceptable plan

Consumed with anger with this blurred visions

From the impetuous brain capable of mastering the art of black magic and vodoo spells 

Deeper travel, demonic chants ringing in my ears 

Ya'll kids who can't think for themselves be tied up in a chair

Stay put burn ya house down that you family shared 

And on the next day will be reported a family was burned to death by a group of serial killers



The night is here, this is the sight you fear of

I'm in a fight like Iron Mike

Tyson in the ring uppercut to your ribs

Then crush your skull with a Pinhead-butt after I

Cenobite your ear off an antihero

That stitched my costume to the skin to keep my face concealed from your sight

When I appear  on the mic

I bring death instead of his cousin sleep

Come with 666 rams while you're still counting sheep

Murder's a sacred art, can't take pleasure and pain apart

Setting standards in order to hell raise the bar I'd sell my soul

It would just cost you a leg and arm

I've been mutilated on, and need new replacement parts

I'm too insane, my creative juice is agent orange damn the human race

I truly hate you all but here's some words to live by

Burn in hell I wouldnt care, murder death kill yourself and just die


Chorus (2x):

Violence, murder, pestilence, death

Famine, disease, abhorrent sex

Misogyny, wars, terrorist threats

Murder Death Kill inject a discomfit effect



You have awakened the sleeping giants

Dreaded tyrants, notorious for transforming vibrant continents into desert islands

Promote violence to inhabitants by force

You'll get tied on all fours quartered by the apocalypse horsemen

What's left of your carcass is crushed by a massive wooden steed built by trojans

Gloomy events are fore casted soon to happen

As I reveal prophecies of doom unto the mothman

Acts atrocious, i'll split you open from the mid section,

Above the belly button call it waste segragation

In times of grief, never have I shown sympathy

The very thought of saying sorry simply sickens me

As Dante's Peak becomes a blazing inferno

I'll baptize you in hellfire along with Nero

I'm inside an inverted pentagram

Commandin my MDK fam to slay the sacrificial lamb


Six The Northstar:

As I enter the chamber, the number of man walks, the technomancer

Shiv messiah slit wrist hilt twist wrist, stagger healing factor

Born from blood bath, dark path, crimson ink dipped paragraph

Claps from hi hats, half mast

Knife scribe etch on flesh pages of my rhyme book, you shook

Coz there ain't no such things as halfway

Gouge the eyeballs with a spoon, sever the synapse

Serve to gutter children as marbles, twice for dark math

Scream pitch perfect, harmonize the horror to the ears

Hooks on flesh, follow the leader, pulled skin puppeteer

There is no hope for you as you walk the earth alone, overdose

No motion injected to your hollow bones

Kill em all slow, hostage the spleen

Baptize the weak from blood of guillotines

Down to your knees, abandon all hope

Sword of the darkness from the shadows like the crows


Repeat chorus

MurderDeathKill - Post Mortem Ambush (2014):



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