Producer: rhxanders


Sometimes I feel more

Hated than appreciated

And I created this situation

I am causing these limitations

My impatience grows

As I stay stuck inside this old frustration

Contemplating emancipation

Constricting occupations

Tryna reach that ultimatum

I'm redesigning my mind to its prime so I climb

This ladder of consciousness opposite side of the grime

Feelin divine watch me as I recline

Metaphysical education in my soul I see I'm


Verse 1:

Growin stayin focus, while ya'll are postin bogus

I keep the magic close up, while you gotta take a photo

Remember the days when I was sleeping like I faked a coma

I was the same as you lames who always question my motives

I'm gonna grow and I know this

I got a mind that is golden

Gotta plant these seeds that I'm holdin

After I read all these omens

Got the solution deep inside

Yes I know it

I'm back with a bit of that potent shit

I lacked it a bit when I opened this but

I ain’t ignorant I see through all that stupid shit

i could be militant but I’m keepin it on that peaceful tip

You pack a full clip of a fools wit

I’m cool with it

Just know you fools wither your too bitter gotta do better

Got close but I had to come back to heaven

Like Tupac almost reached 1997

You can’t stop the realness from being in the present

Just shut up and feel it before you suppress it

Don't follow the rest manifest your progression

Don't look at the outside to find your direction

Be a gentleman for divine feminines

This is the genesis of the new medicine

In the middle of a

Cosmic intersection

Tryna learn the lesson

Oh lord am I regressing

How can i reach my destiny

Love's got the best of me

Hate takes the rest of me

I dunno if imma die before I turn twenty five

So I'm finna raise the vibe keep testin me


Repeat hook



Waiting for the day that you will see what i can see

I don't know if I'll be living here to see that dream

There's always someone else whos tryina come and take my place

Imma keep creating, meditating to my fate


Verse 2:

Breakin down the herb in a minute, speak about my world and you listen

Man, I got concern for ya'll dissin cause imma continue incessantly

To manifest the best in me, thats in me

Rise above the stress in me, definitely

Got the recipe blessed to keep on doing me till I

I feel your soul and feel your pain theyre both the same

I cannot be the one to stop the ego inside your brain

The angels and the demons must be playing a game

They're saying theres a code to crack the whole thing

But besides that, I feel caged though

Hustle hard for that peso, step aside if you're playing your game slow

Playing dead with that fake glow

If you ain’t high, you gotta lay low

If you talk watch what you say though

We're in a hot spot to get our tops popped with one shot, shut your case closed

Could get erased with no problem, so if you got some, you better solve them

Your reality is revolving around your mental coffin

Ya'll can’t see my prophecy who you can see is not me

Your negativity ain’t shockin me, your system of control ain't stopppin me

Your system of control ain’t stoppin me, your system of control ain't stoppin me

rhxanders - Control (2013):



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