Female Thoughts

So Help Me God Vol. 1
Producer: SB

Verse 1:

You could give me flowers

And as long as you give it with a teddy bear

You don’t know the hours

That I think about you

Oh, don’t know about you but I’m feeling you

I know you busy and you workin’ so hard

I know the water in the sea keepin’ us apart

Been all around the world

But you the man in my heart

Don’t want anyone anymore

Let me cater to you, I’m like fo sho

He comin’ over, take the back door

I was always your biggest fan since before

Therefore you the one that I adore, paramour

Heart beats for you, don’t you think that’s hardcore?



It’s a sad sad sad situation

It’s so sad baby boy I need you with me now

It’s a sad sad sad situation

So sad can’t go individual

It’s a sad sad sad situation

So sad baby boy can you hear me now?

So sad can’t go individual


Verse 2:

Let’s take the long way home tonight

I’m feeling free like a bird in the sky

If only you knew what I was thinking

While you were on stage, rapping and singing

And I mean it when I say it

When you shook my hand, ready knew were the man

But I wanna twist the game up

Put you on the floor so you could taste my flow

Don’t hesitate want some more?

Just let me know, wanna go deeper?

Don’t worry I’mma keeper

No Serena, mind sweeper

I’mma you-believer

Won’t forget you even if I had amnesia

I’m feeling you like I wanna feel on you

You know that I’m down

Just let me know if you wanna go to a quiet place

Or maybe to my home, so you can meet mama then again papa

So we could ride-a, I wouldn’t mind, can I be your lover?


Repeat hook


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