All On Me

So Help Me God Vol. 1
Producer: Niko Skipz

Hook (2x):

Imma shower you with love for infinity

Whatever to make you feel better babe, it’s all on me


Verse 1:

If I tell you if your epidermis is appealing

If I tell you when we vibe out

You take me to the ceiling

It’s a different feeling

Cause we both won each other

We breathing, God damn, you make me nervous

God damn, you make it worth it

Heaven mercy, every night his birthday

Mr. Vampire are you thirsty, got blood, imma nurse you

Let’s go further, 2nd step to the third

Oh my gosh, I can feel your breath in my ear

Can I touch your bird? It’s chirping if you can’t hear

Your Spanish words got me turning round and round

But you got the vibe of the special cake to the pound

Boy you hands down, my steeze put you at ease

Like methamphetamine or like Tony Stark's fantasies about his wallabies, you see?

Asian persuasion, Mary Jane got him blind and

Just met up with him so I roll one, I can see, I can see, I got him undone

Drawn to another world, promise me, I’ll be your only girl

Your eyes shine to me like the sun, your eyes are like a pearl


Repeat hook


Verse 2:

He be, rollin’ thru LA like a boss

Tryna stack it up cause times are getting tough

You go to college but the bachelor ain’t enough

He lose himself, smoke a blunt, on a treasure hunt

He be cruisin’, cruisin’, he be blazin’ blazin’

I, I be losing myself in his arms night and day

And he say baby

You are the prettiest girl I know you should

Sit yo ass down and do that

Work it for me girl, twerk it for me girl

Yeah, got that wife material, let’s make a miracle


Repeat hook