Cornelia (feat. Chyrho)

Lost Colours
Producer: NINNO


I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone

So long, so long, so long


Verse 1 (Chyrho):

Been part of the story before

Arrow tip through the clit, acid trickle down your pores

Fickle minded whores, nickel diming hoar, sickle and abort

This a monologue burn a synagogue

Write me in a blog, I'm moving the cog

Machination, Repulsor ray, thunder shock

Mighty Kilowog, demons shrug, bully Beelzebub

Geass activate with a look of love

No time for time for amateur hour, the age of Aquarius

The apparatus filled with potion, turn all humans ravenous

The alchemist, with no knowledge of all the elements

Spitting a bible verse but yo, there ain't no testament

The benevolent vice-lord, I strangled them with mic chords

Got my mind on the dummy and that dummy's just a bore

Phaser, turning them vapor, sayonara check you later

Shook ones needs to know, calling this the Alzheimer

You ain't Dragunov, he's Dragon-soft

A cheap knight call him a Hasselhoff

The reflection from a puddle 

Not so sharp realize as he mighty morphs

To my surprise, look at the devil's eyes

And realize that the eyes are mine

To my surprise, look at the devil's eyes

And realize that the eyes are mine


Repeat chorus (2x)


Verse 2 (NINNO):

Been part of the story before

Just another motherfucker at a loss for words

I thought my mind was a weapon to demolish the earth

But a voice in my head got me losing control

Cold is the winter when I'm living in ice

Feel the fire in my belly when I'm losing the light

Losing the fight, but the demon never called "check"

In my cortex is where the contest takes place

Never ever thought I was dead, never thought the worse and

Now I'm feeling like a motherfucking lunatic with Wilson

Bring this motherfucker a Pilsen

Let me raise a glass to the demons that hell sent

What were your names? Abaddon and Maou?

Belial and Djall? I've been knowing Gremory, she well-endowed

A sin greater than the most devout apologies

When the melody hits

I'll never be the same again

Damaged and I'm living in my heart's descent

Your passage unforgiven in my dark revenge

I feel the shakes in my body like Parkinson

Decadent days, a decade in a devilish haze

I feed the ghosts of the past in a violent blaze

Darwinism ideology promoting inequality

Radio waves pointed at my enemies


Repeat chorus (2x)



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