Gorilla Glue RAW

The Motions
Producer: Thrones

Verse 1:

I do this shit for Biggie and Hov I mean uh

I do this shit for Kendrick and Cole I mean uh

I do this for my brothas at home, who feel they’re stuck inside the city feeling lost and alone

I been a martian

Working day and night, dream like Martin

Often, finding inner peace, hearing gossip


Out of all of my effort I feel

That they would rather see me dead then leave my body concealed

Although the message is real

I ain’t tryna force it

I’m just tryna deal with all the demons in my closet

Critics say I’m getting repetitive with my topics

But maybe they might get it when I’m sleeping in a coffin


It’s a different concept

Living in Manila with connections up to Boston

Make a stream of revenue thats flowing like a faucet

Now everything I make seems to be taken out of context




So let me break it down

I ain’t tryna please all the people

Living in the now

Bay to LA to the east cost

I been, feeling down, let the kids know it ain’t peach coated

We don’t need the crown, cause a king knows what is real don’t he?


Verse 2:

Every day’s a Samsara

I reinvent the wheel each time the sun comes up

It’s like I’m so stuck up on they opinions

I’m learning to be militant, but at the same time never ignorant

Getting goals accomplished, they never made a syllabus

Reaching for the comets, my concept with innocence

I might read the comments or doctrines for stimulus

But closing up my conscience from nonsense and ambivalence

Or confusion I’ve been so lost

I’ve had depression I was looking for the sole cause

Until I realized that I’m my biggest enemy

And coming from my mind were all these terrifying entities

Telling me to stop

Telling me to end my life

Telling me to instigate a fight that’s why you bring the knife

But I was simply trapped inside my brain

And imagined my own prison as the most intricate cage

Feeling all the rage from this unforgiving stage

I been caught up for a moment but I’ve only shown a page

So let the change come

And if the sun don’t shine tomorrow let the rain come

You’re welcome to my kingdom


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