Got Next

Carpe Diem
Producer: Skarm

Verse 1:

Hold up, the doctor is here time for your check up

Send them kids to sleep cause it’s about time we talk grown-up

Better roll up, it’s that joint here we go what

I see your eyes staring for this hook-up

In the middle of the night where the mind don’t act tough

You hear this mic one check

See you groove when I rhyme on set

Let it go like a roll of dice

You better get, never ever gonna get disturbed baby what the heck?

I wanna be that next

Man you pull, magnetic when I catch that wreck

Baby got that back, reppin on this track

When it goes like that



We got next, til the morning let me whisper something in your neck

I feel you in the middle of the night let me check it

This born sinner need that warm loving for my cold heart and I

Know I want it, want it c'mon

You belong to me

There ain’t no use fighting this feeling

You belong to me

Get you higher (3x)

You belong to me

There ain’t no use fighting this feeling

You belong to me

Get you higher (3x)

You belong with me


Verse 2:

Lovely eyes, hypnotize, grab them thighs

Dim them lights for that life under blankets

C'mon, I'll hold you tight

I don’t think nobody holds you right

They call me Mr. Magic the way I spit them blues to make you feel alright

Okay baby, no way you can escape this rhythm cause it goes both ways and I

Ride this vibe like a boomerang, the smooth hooligan

No need for a mulligan to move you again and hit that again

Just hold on tight like a roller-coaster

Salesman here about to reach his quota

Strike that pan when it’s hot

Baby get it on top like you bout to push the boulder

Down, rolling around, our chemistry is so profound

See you in the morning so let me turn these lights down


Repeat chorus



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