Ill City Luv

First Spark
Mista Blaze
Producer: DJ Arbie Won


And this goes out to all my people (one love to my honeys and thugs)

It ain't the same when you're not around (Ill City is the place to be)

Side walk bars and strip clubs used to be the spot (it's a trip when you remember them days)

Feeling so good life in my hood (holler at your homies when I get home)


Verse 1:

Everybody fina welcome to Ill City my land that got

Me strong, I'm a living survivor hustling on my

Streets with pocket change never get me wrong. Still breathing

This my season, reasons how many more days must be freezing

I'll be the last of them mohicans, making millions

Oh wait a minute, better wake up after slapping

Your face with cold ice, talking to your self and shouldve listen to mama's advice

Elevating with the flying marks ama cut

Them all cause I'm bad to the bone, two for the

Beat and kick them tweets cause I gotta lot of

Bass, and speakers that boom, (boom)

I'm rolling deep with Ripgutt and G-pone deflect to

Vega follow my lead boy ama take you to a lactic

Hella my peeps got a bunch a stacker, get drunk

Get toed so toed that we passed out yo

All the way to the backdoor hurling even bouncers

Don't recognize us no more


Repeat chorus


Verse 2:

I love my family dearly and I really wonder how yall

Doing baby, this wont be the last words I swear

Theirs more to come, and if you think I'm still the same old jobless

What you call it right? I'm on a mission for some dividends

Cause I'm working hard to be a better man

Can tackle any problem as long as I find the answers

Cause you're the ones who keeps me going heavy

Burden aint occurred to me, spread the words on the streets

News flash I'm dropping bombs on the down low

Let me take you to another level with a simple plan for iloilo

And I, just miss ya'll, especially to my Syndicate Posse

Popping them things up, wish I could roll just hit me up

Fool, and I wont forget about them precious times

For them veterans for my street thugs and them families had me going


Repeat chorus


Verse 3:

3 years in the making and 3 years I'm independent

Mama stopped sending checks, cause she found out I got Ajob and a quiet apartment

To my daddy who bust hisA ss to give me all his support

Even when I was in thin ice, Stood by my side and bailed me out of court

And I know when I'm bout to do something (something)

Help me God I think I'm lacking (lacking)

Finna bust with a cuss, and the lust so we just having guts then I started rapping

Dream became games and games

Wishing to be famous, but these days it's all about

That money coz the fame dawg can get vicious hey

Show love when I get home (get home)

Show love

When I get home (get home)

For ya'll it's time to shine, believe this I'm bout to get mine (2x)


Repeat chorus (2x)

Mista Blaze - First Spark (2004):



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