Leandro Alem

Self-Help, The Checkup
Omega and skinxbones
Producer: skinxbones


Get the shotty reload it with the shells

Get the shotty reload it with the shells

This some self help shit so I’m pulling it myself


Verse 1:

The trip on the train

Is a trip down the drain

Evade all the raindrops

Don’t wash all the pain

I scour the stone by igniting a flame

I lit up my home and my family name

Breaking my bone keep my sanity maimed

No cellular phone can throw off my aim

If the next move will be ending the game

I'll be rolling the die

Turn up with a six (six, six)

Sick of the lines

Sick of the time

You ask for what i can't be

My pipe is half empty

But no need to worry

Cause I'm really in a hurry

Suffering is kinda corny

So i'd rather die

I'll end it this time


Repeat hook


Verse 2:

If it doesn't get harder than this

Stop it like this

Water's neck deep

Choke in my sleep

Hard day’s night everyday of the week

All my knowledge discredit in each sip

Sticking out like nails in my coffin

Each sip slips down my throat i know i'm winning

Battles in my mind trying to get out

My feet don't work that way back in south

Imagine if your first blunt got you foaming at the mouth

All my troubles trails of piss in my path

Running an endless mile

Wish i died before i sniff forty lines

By that time i'm probably satisfied

Candlelights illuminate my room tonight


Repeat hook



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