Migo Senires
Producer: RS


Turn off the lights, relax for tonight

Tomorrow you'll get what you need in your life

When the going gets tough and the road gets rough

But you still fight for what's right



Everybody say

I love the peace and I love the war, the war, the war

I love the peace and I love the war, the war, I I I I I I

I love the peace and I love the war, the war, the war

I love the peace and I love the war, the war, I I I I I I


Verse 1:

I wake up in the morning to the screams of my mom, my alarm

Give me five more minutes before I arm

My tooth brush with some paste, damn, I can't feel my arm

Last night I was really wasted chased the pavement in my lawn

Like a mower I was pushed by the people I looked up to

Promised myself that I won't hush like how they got you

I was lost, I was found, now the brightest star around

Heaven bound, staying ground, coz I was raised like a datu

I was formal, a normal kid who's tryna use his pen skills

Coz pain kills, like rain when the aftermath goes for ya

Same drills I go through, insane deals, euphoria

You say you gon fuck school coz you forgot the formula?

I write like you my pen pal, I'm hot with you like sauna

Every time we talk I been real, I see you on every corner

Of my eyes, no more lies, I collect debt like a hoarder

Back to the future as I let you enter my portal


Repeat hook and bridge


Verse 2:

I got home late at night, almost feeling alright

Took a bite out of whats left as I was staring at the light

In my room, thought it was a dream so I assumed

It consumed me in a minute I wasn't able to move

So I zoomed off, resumed what I was doing play the boom box

My room rocks, the doom clock's tick ticking you're on doom watch

A dark horse, tryna force his way into the scene

So obscene, no remorse, but close to fine dine cuisine

I hate it when i wake up on the wrong side of the bed

So instead, i go for broke, never been an airhead

Fuck another pair dead, can't wear em' no more

Damn they don't make it like this anymo-o-o-ore

Always out on limb, never in the gym, but still I'm tryna make me swim

In my brain im always grim, never slim, picture me a film

Oh well, saved by the bell, almost nearing hell, lucky im just swell


Repeat hook (2x)


Repeat bridge



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