The Slashy Show

Act 1
Ez Mil
Producer: Ez Mil


Talkin' about this their year...

None of y'all turnin' 22 in 2020

And I'm from the 22 double O no cap

This my year


Heh, that's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about!

Welcome to my show

How's everybody doin'?



That's how it is though!

People in the back!


We changin' it up?

Let's go

Yeah, woah


Verse 1:

Lately I've been pushin' myself

To my real limit (yeah)

Lazy rappin', lookin' dumb

But I'mma still get it (ruh)

Cuz I be chirpin' on these beats

Like a lil cricket (uh)

See me toungin' fly girls

I go rubba-ribbit

Huh, go and fuck a midget

Lil sucka, get it done

Hit it like she number one

Hit and run, bet you'll

Think it's fun

To be the new bloke

Up in the alley who's stoked

He fucked a tranny who knows

You'll come in handy with blow-

Jobs; Each costin' 200, (GRO)

Cuz dudes know the

Chick you fuckin'. (she's a hoe)

It's the truth and

You still love it (we all know!)

That she's loose and

You still hump it (free our bro!)

Your penile growth has

Completely stopped

Now your senile though

So go see the doc

Now you got a case of

Sex life injuction

Waste a whole verse on

Erectile disfunction

Haha! Woo!

Y'all know what it is baby

Yeah, uh

Get it, get it


Verse 2:

I'm an irregular math problem

Y'all could never solve

And I'm proud of it, out of it

Like a boy I'm scoutin' it

So if you're a girl, gimme cookies

Aye! Aye baby gurl, listen to me...

Imma, Imma

Put my genie in your lamp

When I'm just talkin' to you

Don't you dare interrupt me

When I'm in my room watchin' Hulu

Imma make sure that every

Living being is gonna sue you

And I'll be the prosecuter

And watch you get cocked and neutered

And that's just it (that's it)

Prolly gon' dip (dippin')

Like I'm on a trip (trippin')

I done wrote a hit (hittin')

Some you rappers spittin' bars

But your flow is shit

Go back to the beginner yard

Y'all should grow a bit

Stomp on you mothafucks that

Just deserve to be in a back burner

Get hit wit a gat, 30 a clip

When it clack, gurlin' shit like a rat

Turn to a bitch and then snitch

On a cat hurtin' it's kitten

Like "that's murder"

Ooh damn

I just be spazzin' too much

I think I need to get confined

And get a attitude crutch

And if you got a hold of me

Well you just have a loose touch

And if you wanna go at me

Well I don't plan to loose clutch

Mothafucka huh

Jump from the free throw line

Moonwalk through the air

While rappin' Renegade

That's MJ

I could be a rap magazine

Where you look for metaphors

I might be The Source

That's Ben-Ray

Give in to what you want and

Be fly

Kings do not get free thrones so

Keep tryin'

Know that you're not alone in

These times

Send me a feature bro you'll be fine

Why am I completely nude?

In a dreamy mood and ladies

Wanna meet me too? 

Relieve me lord

I do not wanna treat thee rude

This speedy tune will

Turn my brain to creamy goo

And maybe boo

I'll show you how this Ez do

With a greedy clue

So stream me too

Go give my ass a sweet review

This is my show bitch

Welcome to CD 2


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