Omoshiroi! (feat. Anji)

Act 1
Ez Mil
Producer: Ez Mil


Kendorikku ga itta yō ni:

Nanka ore-tachi daiji~yobu

I think I need some help

Supressed myself for

Way too long

Feelings on the shelf

Not givin' a

Fuck about my health

Uh, Scammin' these

For a glimpse of some wealth

Thanking God I got rid of my younger self

Ne, Kurama yori mo kyōryoku

Korera no bā wa tsubawohaku

I'm just sayin' I feel the pain of the

Petals fallin' from cherry blossoms

That just fly to the very bottom

To die within every Autumn

And I

Remember the days I had

No money to my name, damn

Still got no money to my name, damn

But you know

I'm still playing the game of life

Saying fuck my demons

I wanna see 'em cry, shit

(Rip it)

Giving it up was never an option

Still got the homies that

Whipping the coctions

Taking visits to the brothers in coffins

Wishing they had another damn option

In the vicinity slinging they Glocks and

Like they've forgotten what

Panthers have taught them

Until it got to what

Might seem not wrong:

All the gangbangin' with the

Youth hanging to the gun-play

Then the striped tees givin':

Pipe dreams and fake things

Make a young nigga go insane

Whats money if you don't realize

The source of your pain?

Never sell my soul and I

Put that shit on my name

That's the devils game

Ju roku ban tte, doashimarimasu

I ain't here to please everyone

But to give pain to others

Might be pleasure


Verse 1:


Storm spiral inside my brain

But I'm still too chill

Tornados that twist the rain

Form a real super cell

Crip tonight in that mitochondria

This gon' be a new song 'dea -

Wanna hear my long plea on:

Nifty lil pocket pickers

That roam the streets still in

Iffy deals, socket kickers

It's more than meets killin'

Hilly bills, wallet flickers

At hoes who breathe strippin'

Trippy pills, market slingers

Have known the least livin'

Not a diss to all ya

Cuz I know Mr. Karma

And on that list he got a

Lotta Jeffrey Dahmers

And I'm one of them, huh

Yea I'm loko loko, (loko)

Thank God I'm a fuckin' gem

Domo, domo


Hook (2x):

Min'na ga yatte iru no o miru

Kore de saiko ni narou to suru

Koko ni iru ma, boku ni shōten o ateta

Nanika, omoshiroi!


Verse 2:

Bitch I'm tellin' you this shit legendary


I ain't in this game to flow casually

I'm inventing profanity that can

Feed a whole family of

Mediocrity-suckin' chum buckets

It's fun, fuck it I'll make a livin' outta

Nunchuckin' you gunk thuggaz

I'm miscellaneous

Like all the money I'm makin'

That shit's amazin' and all

But rep yo country and make it

That shit ain't basic at all

I'm here to fuck up your knowledge

On what shit makes up a star

Cuz I'm a whole constellation

I came to take on you all

Bitch I've always been broke

Name any artist as versatile

As me, that bitch a joke

From vocals to instrumentals

I'm makin' all of you choke

And I'll never kill myself

COz it's me that's givin' me

Hope for the future coz I'm:



Venomous, ruthless

Reverends, truthless

Sedatives, useless

Negatives, usage

People be thinkin' that

That they know the truth

But don't know what's

Lying beneath it

I think it's funny how

They just assume

And that is how

We're gonna Leave it


Repeat hook



Aye Ez!

How big you tryna get?



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