All Hallow's Eve (feat. Di$mal)

Act 1
Ez Mil
Producer: Ez Mil


Not everyone is gonna agree with me

I expect that to be honest

But you know, I once

I once heard

That if you tell someone you love 'em

But then you never talk to them again after that

It's basically murder


Guess I'm a serial killer


Goddamn it

Y'all should leave me the fuck alone

Tellin' you

You know why?


Verse 1:

Cuz I got 666 imprinted inside my soul

And I say that with no hesitation

Vacant, my beaten body is

Satan please take and weaken

All these fears

I'm fixated who my next victims are

Upon the years

This bloodlust infecting my

Brain like a sickness

Makin' me love cuttin' humans open

Plain with a witness

Havin his arms stuck viewin my insane line of business

Demons be awe-struck they tunin' up the

Pain as inflictors


This little bitch will know that pain exists


Obtain her cysts and then eat em like they was flavored chips


Then break the skull of her cousin, grate it like bacon bits


So I can sprinkle that shit as flavor

On gaping clits


So hear the cheers of these hellish walls

As they beckon calls

To kill the hope from those gentle Psalms

As each second falls

Rewrite the scripture as heaven stalls

An essential cause that'll never

Even work if they help us all

Even if we're wrong


Hook (2x):

The wind is telling stories to my ear

And I just act like I don't hear em

So that I can sit still

And I don't wanna be the one in trouble

So I will not move a muscle

Or else I could get killed


Verse 2:

You broke my heart, so imma

Break your fuckin will to live

I'm sorry shawty this ain't

Somethin that you're gonna fix

I wipe the tears off yo cheek

And give your lips a kiss

Look you in yo eyes and tell you:

"It's all gon be over quick"

Except I lied

Yeah I lied

Imma make wish that you was dead

Dead by the time I'm through with you

Imma make you pay for

What you've done

Imma grant yo death wish

But let me have a little fun

Now this pretty little bitch

That's tied up in my shed

She's got a gag in her mouth

And a gash on her head

Tears fall down her face

And piss runs downs her thigh

Saliva drips from her jaw

And she can't understand why

I guess I've lost my mind

And it won't ever be found

Just like her fuckin remains

When they deep in the ground

Are you happy now?

Look what you've made me do

You won't get a second chance

Nah there ain't a part 2 



Repeat hook


Verse 3:

Father God I feel the

Burning of my skin unending

All hope has faded in this lake

Of flame where souls are bending

All of my past sins have morphed

Into creatures I can never deter

Where is your light?

I need your grace as a cure

My salvation obscured

My heart has stopped and

Lust for hate is all I feel as I burn

But I beg you please

Give me one more chance as a mortal to spread and speak of your word

I'll trade my soul being saved

For the sake of mankind to learn…



(Heavy breathing)


Babe, what's wrong?

Goddamn nightmare again

Are you okay?

Yeah... I'm good, I'm good, I'm good

Di ba magch-church tayo later?

Do we have to though?

But anyway...






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