King I Be

Act 1
Ez Mil
Producer: Ez Mil


But not really tho

Cuz you know I'm like

The king of this shit foreal, foreal

Ain't nobody as 3rd as me on God

(Y'all got Filipinos fucked up dawg)

Let's get it

(On my mama bro)


Verse 1:


Yeah, let these dames take the fame

I don't care anyway

Yeah as long as I set the

Listeners in disarray

Give 'em ears a bloodbath

Till the volume penetrates

Your muhfuckin' hearing waves


Skiddly daddle on these

Riddly rhymes I be sayin': "Fuck"

"Ezekiel Miller, you should just

Get with the times!" - they be sayin'


Listen they can do their own thing

And I can do mine, so

Leave me the fuck alone and

Oh shit, look at the time

I am almost late to my V.I.P. success train

And when I say 'success'

I don't mean money, sex, and fame

Cuz that shit is fuckin' lame

My ride's here

I don't know if you wanna come so buckle up



Greetings ladies and gentlemen

Welcome aboard

Oh my, there's so many of you!

Praise the Lord!

Uhm, excuse me, Debra


Yeah, announce how all this

Shit's about me

Oh of course! Everyone plead

Yourself to King Ezekiel's majesty


Hook (2x):

Hear the beat, yuh

Learn from me, uh

Take a knee

Bow down to my supremacy

Yuh, watch and see

As this melody

Possesses me

And I wear the crown

Like the king I be


Verse 2:


Attention everyone! (Debra)

Congratulations (Debra) to each and every

Single one of you (Deb...) who survived the ride!

Because a...

Debra shut the fuck up

God damn it, Debra

Look at what you did!

But my king before we got on

Instruct them is what you said

But you should listen to your king

And not pretend to be deaf

Like a little kid!

Bitch and now they scared and your

Punishment is that you'll be dead



Sike bitch! You'll just be a brand

New addition to my rotting dike fence

Which includes Mike Pence

Damn I'm kinda liking this

Dissin' muhfuckaz right to left

Instead of writing hits

Sir, but I just think that making

Hits isn't your kinda game

What kinda shit are you on

To think I'm talkin to you?

Be a dike and paint

Yourself as a slut

With a cock in you

Like Charlamagne

I'm an insensitive cunt

When I'm rockin' the booth

And I'm locked away

Speaking of rocking the booth

Hyperboost will engage in T-minus

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Get on this shit coz I'm killin' this

Dennis the Menace on lyrics

I'm venomous

'till I get limitless privileges

So that Ellen Degeneres

Sucks on a feminist clit

Imma wake up to alternative metal

It's evident like Evanescence

Of an aspirant

I have devoted my life and soul

Into becomin' a tyrant


Repeat hook



It's just

Too much?

Way too much


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