Militant Greetings, Bobby (feat. Snayk Eyez)

Sun Of A Gun
Producer: JusOneOh

Verse 1:

I make the type of shit they play on every single corner

Here in Southern California, where they fired Chris Dorner

Born and raised to pull a ski-mask and revolver out a duffle

Gas compression on the muzzle 'case a mark wanna struggle (bang)

Criminal when laws protect the rich and harm ours

They been livin' so grand while the rest of ours starve

Full charge like guerrillas pushing peace on the mountainside

Sound like graduation when they let them caps fly (bang)

Tired of compromise

Tired of losing lives

I don't advocate it

But I support the people's right to feel so backed against the wall, that popping off is all that's left

'cause we don't know what life is like to feel like bucking's all that's left, bet

Just is just the drummer

Give me four more

Cubicles and traffic jams is not what we were born for

Tour more, just to get to word out to my people

Soon as that record touch that needle



Somebody tell somebody to get bodies in the building

Somebody's gonna have to be a witness to the killing

Somebody tell somebody to get bodies in the place

Somebody tell that bouncer to get outta my face

Fuck outta my face (Scratch by: Snayk-Eyez)


Verse 2:

Peace to militants

Greeting from me and my kasamas

And peace those who got you when the others didn't bother

Peace to baby mommas who don't ever break the code

And fuck a deadbeat dad, you fucking up the mold

Cold when I get up on that stage and throw down

And when I start my verses you might never hear a sound

'cause every ear stuck on every word from Big Buck

Walking down Canal with a super big gun

Go ahead and stop me

Go ahead and frisk me

Go ahead and test me

See if I don't get busy

Billy club packing NYPD get rushed

Same for LAPD

Don't ever say what's up

What's up is I'm a menace from the southern part of Cali

Used to cruise to Laurel Canyon in a Caddy

Kick it, just to get the word out to my people

Soon as that record hit the needle


Repeat chorus


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