Sun In A Million

Sun Of A Gun
Producer: Fatgums

Verse 1:

I'm always super cautious when they talk

The nuances of politicians throw me off

Then they dilute it and feed it to you in the news

So it be stepped on and skewed by the time it get to you homie

We talking business in America

Lobbyists control the beat and tempo of the opera

The fat lady can't afford the right care

And brown girl taught she gotta buy the right hair

Citizens aware and like a three legged chair they broke

So the N.S.A. is fine, who cares?

Drones in the desert

Drones in your yard

Schools need teachers not security guards

Schools need books not no windows with bars

A credit card will knock you over that's why they call it a charge

And while you push the rock forward they might give you a charge

Spend a billion on a stadium and you got charged


Hook (4x):

Son of a gun


Verse 2:

I'm William Foster in a short sleeve

And a pistol grip shottie

I don't trust the makers of the gun law shawty

Ain't nobody said they coming in my front door

Trying to take away the rifles out my floor board

I rather that they concentrate on issues 'bout us

Instead they spend a million trying to pacify us

Tell us that the fabric of an institution full of flaws

Should be sacred

To a man and a woman and I pause

I done been divorced and on top of being me

The issue was with marriage to a woman really means

Fire off another round, party in the sun

Medusa in my chest turning stones out my lungs

And like my uncle used to say

Inshallah hope I die with a smile on my face

Son of a gun without an extra magazine

I got violence in my genes, pistol in my jeans

Son of a gun


Repeat hook



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