Sun Of A Gun
Producer: WorldWarDrew

Welcome to the Bambu says

Fuck your show

Instigating Hollywood phonies like "Fuck you, bro!"

Get a couple shots of Jager

In this bar hop time

And try and punch a hole through the face of the first frat boy I find

And yes, I mind when mine is violated

Try and follow mine

And face the opposite of what they did to innocent Tray

A vigilante they say?

I say it's time we rewind

And line the block up with the blacka blacka


In the tradition of that classic LA rap

All the gentrifiers came and made half of LA wack

Strife with mine

Got me the will to die

And I will take a baton to my face just to tow the line

See knowledge, speak knowledge

In the dimmest of light

We bring knowledge out the dark

We don't believe in the hype

Sino magsabi na si Bam ay di tumama?

Sige i-push niyo aking kasamas

And it's night night, mama

Capitalize the S

Capitalize the A

Soul Assassin from the city

Where the peewees don't play

It's not one bad apple out destroying the bunch

When the counter cops' murderin's like a thousand plus

I know it's ACAB LAPD

SA MC screamin FTP


SA MC screamin FTP


Puffin on the roach until it burns down to the crutch

I give a fuck about the people so much

I don't give a fuck about a hotel for dogs (nah)

Prison guards (nah)

Underground rap nerd dawgs, man, hell nah

I carry a big gun, get it done like Tim Dunn

Walk in and break the whole room down like Tim Gun

All cops are bastards, throw a bouncer in the mosh pit

Eat a elbow, eat a kick

Eat shit, get up and talk shit

Soul Assassin so we never run from

I know (?) done marathons, but he scrappin' when they come

Son of a gun who ain't afraid the sun will get me burnt

Son of a gun gettin' turnt 'round the shit that I have learned

From the wars in my teens

Did a tour overseas

Visit countries with the marines

Shot anything that we seen

Capital S, capital A

Soul Assassin from the city where my sisters don't play

I know it's ACAB LAPD

SA MC screamin' FTP


SA MC screamin' FTP



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