It’s You

Tha’ Journey
Dice and K9

Chorus (Hi-C):

(Baby it's you)

Ever since I lay my eyes on you I knew that you're the one for me

(Baby it's you)

Can't find the words to tell you that what I feel for you is real

(Baby it's you)

Wanna be there for you give you all my love unselfishly

(Baby it's you)

And I want the whole world to see that I'm so glad my baby is you


Verse 1 (Dice):

I never thought it would feel this way

Every time we touch you take my breath away

And I hope you'll stay and forever be mine

Coz I will love you shawty till the end of time

You may not like my rhyme or even hate my guts

But one thing's for sure this is more than lust

And I hope you trust me when I say these words

I ain't got much but I can rock your world

Diamonds and pearls I cant' give you that

I can give you my heart baby and that's a fact

Your friends might react and say I'm all bull

You know I stay true mama raise no fool

Baby it you from the start and it's you till the end

Come on gurl let me say it again

Baby it's you from start and it's you till the end

Come on girl… Come on...


Repeat chorus


Verse 2 (Trapp):

Ey ma, I gotta let you know that from the start

You rock my world and plus you got my heart

Bumping fast, you got me stutterin I can't talk right

When you pass by why to you I get so stuck

I'm loosin ma breathe coz you got me so struck, damn!

Lately you know I'm missin ya

And if you was beside me I'm kissin ya

Listen ma coz I really gotta say this

That I really wanna make you mine and may this

Wish that I want will be granted

If ya need me I won't take you for granted

I'll hold ya hand and I don't care what they say

Coz you know ma it's you I wanted

I'll hold you tight, treat you right

I promise you, you the reason why I'm feelin this, baby it's you!


Repeat chorus


Bridge (Trapp) (2x):

Girl, you know you rock my world

And all I need is more than words so

2-step with me, come on 2-step with me


Repeat chorus

Dice and K9 - Tha’ Journey (2005):



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