Last Year (feat. D-Styles)

Sun Of A Gun
Producer: D-Styles

Verse 1:

Feel like the summer back in '95

Shooting pool

Get in fights

Fuck that hood

Bullets fly

Do or die

Do a doughnut in the street and smoke a cig

It's like 18 years since and I got friends still doing bids, yeah

And we gon' be old we they get out

And they gon' be mad enough to get active

When they see they lola's house

Or where it used to be

I'm used to seeing businesses pop up

Leaving families who lived there all they lives broke and stuck

Same company offer measly little bucks to buy the house

Then your grandma's outside on the curb

Sleeping on her couch

It's about them getting you to go to prison

Or to prison

Maybe get you to a prisoner

Or either send you to a prison

Do you get it, yet?

The system run by prisms bout the dollar

The crime ain't really a crime

Long as you work a white collar

It's the gold

And the blood

And the diamonds in the rough

Classic West Coast shit

With a militant touch



It feel hotter than last year homie

Boom ping ping

(The motherfucking West Coast)

It feel hotter than last year homie

Boom ping ping

(The mother fucking West Coast)


Verse 2:

Air condition broker than a mother fucker

King Taco bound with some girls whose nails is pretty colors

Also a got knack for throwing facts up on the podium

To rally up and stop a war, happens so to both of them

I'm happy Hopper's home

And peace those who went

They got girlfriends calling in the Art Laboe

This song is for the both of them

I got that marijuana chased with Fiji Water from the store

While I ponder where it's better on death row or Skidrow

Shit rolls downhill and in The Flats we catching shit

Like public schools getting sold to the highest private bid

My pop taught me everything I know about a gat

Son of a gun

Tote a toaster in my Joker Brand pants

Gun control mean two hands

I don't trust them laws

When they written by a bunch of mother fuckers with no problems

Locking me away and never considering the condition

That put me in that position

Homie, Flatlands living


Repeat hook


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