Bawal Be The Gang

Paid In Bawal
Bawal Clan
Producer: Yung Bawal

Hook (2x):

Bawal Clan we be the gang

Bawal Clan up in this thang

We ain't fuckin with you y'all nigga doo-doo

We makin money let it rain


Verse 1 (Ankthen Brown):

Straight, shittin, on these, lames

I'm finna, take it, out’a space

I'm, too legit to quit my bitches bad you

Fiend a taste, yum

Nigga they can't fuck witchu

Cuz u ain't in dat race… Uhm

Money in my face… Uhm

Ya hoe in my place, yuh

Hunnids what I taste, yum

Louis on my shades, yuh

I cannot fuck with these hoes cuz they

All tryna use me I need me my space, yuh

I got these hoes on my bed and they all

Tryna fuck me to give me their case, yuh

My heart ain't there to be traced, yuh

I cannot copy and paste yuh


Verse 2 (Rjay Ty):

Let it rain with the flames bringing pain yuh

Feel it man shit ain't changed still the same yuh

Hear the ring not a thing from you lames yuh

We the gang hold the game by the neck and the chain yuh

You ain't really bout it bout it my homie I could tell it's easy to see

You act like you banging but you ain't no G

You say that you rap but spit trash on a beat

We'll tear you apart from your neck to your feet 

Cause you looking like food we all trying to eat

It wouldn't make sense so don't try to compete 

What you do in a year we can pull in a week yuh


Repeat chorus


Verse 3 (Lex Luthoor):

Bawal Clan be the gang (Yeah)

Bawal Clan in this thang (Yeah)

Bawal clan every 24/7

My life ain't never been the same (Yeah)

Packing bitches in the range (Yeah)

Popping pills getting strange (Yeah)

Keeping your negative vibes at a distance

We burning our weed with the sage (Yeah)

Get off my stage with that doo doo (Move)

You vintage we got that new new

Something be smelling like trash and I ain't even gotta be guessing who (You!)

Diamonds straight outta Zu-lu

Moving the crowd like it Voo-doo

If it ain't money then who-you?

Cuz testing me get you bad ju-ju


Verse 4 (Nuevo):

Bawal Clan be the gang

Sobra sobra sa galing

Runnin this shit takin over ya bidness

Di alam ang gagawin

Acting like you wanna hang

Pero gusto lang maki papel

You was one of dem haters

Sip-sip ka ngayon

Gusto na maki pag friends (mang)

You lame, miserable

You can't play with us at all

You get slain, witness you fall

If you claim or think that you ball

May amats ata ang kabesa

Natapakan ata ng kalesa

Bawal ka dito kung di ka marunong

Awat na at umalis, bruhh


Verse 5 (DZ SVG):

Bawal clan be the gang

Come on mommy pop that thang

Drop it down low

Now bring it up slow

Got me coming back like Pookie Mang

Damn… doin dope shit on a daily

These who's who do not phase me

Man it's proof these fools fugazi

Crew be attitude fuck you pay

Holla if wanna refill of prescriptions

Can't spill details of my job description

If she spit it I'm not really offended

Better if she swallow cause thats my preference

Chick hit the liq now up in her guts

Brethren and the cheddar never out of touch

Jealous cause you never up in the cut

Cause you just a bitch that bitch too much


Repeat hook


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