Paid In Bawal
Bawal Clan
Producer: Yung Bawal

Verse 1 (MNL$):

Fucking artistas wanna be featured

I will defeat you, as I speak truth

I will eat you, you are see through

I am an eagle, you a weasel

I’m like fuck you when I see you

Nice to meet you

Don’t believe you

I’m the King like

Mr. Me Too


I see the world

I feel the world

I see the girls

It’s not an evil world

Stop sleeping bruh

Just do it mayne

You’ll feel better after

I promise that

Let’s get it mayne


Verse 2 (Lex Luthoor):

Back from the future I’m back in this time

Packing the chronic, I’m chuggin a pint

Taxing these fuckers who feeling defiant

We pull up with drugs we start up a riot

Luthor the pirate you walking the plank

When you be fighting we moving up ranks

You counting these pennies we breaking tha banks

And the crew pack real heavy we move like a tank

Tongue like a shank make it cut through the throat

Stack you with stones and your body won’t float

Pull up at night got that natural cloak

Riding my wave nigga you should be stoked

Put my life on the line always ready to bang

Ticking time bomb like the flint to the flame

Put that on gang, that’s on my gang

I make no mistakes so remember the name.. Luthor



We ain’t buying any bullshit from whatever that you say

Talkin like you wanna feed us tryna eat up off my plate

We ain’t buying any bullshit from whatever that you say

Talkin like you wanna feed us get the fuck outta my face


Verse 3 (Ankthen Brown):

Hola mamasita, tu muy bonita

Quiero dinero, para mi fiesta

Yo tengo mucho hielo in Ibiza

Yo tengco mallas perras in Ibiza aye

Talk sick spillin that toxic

Fiddled wid a bitch I'm in da middle wid a hot stick

Heavy metal mosh pit

Feel it when I rock shit

Got dat brand new Louis on her booty

So I cocked it ayyyeee

Swing on dem vines like I'm Tarzan

My new new bitch never barkin

Louis on me and my carpet

Cookies on me when I'm sparkin

Tesla no hands when I park it

Oh God I flex like a Spartan

VVs on me shine the night away

Demons round me full’a pain today


Verse 4 (DZ SVG):

I sense the facade is odd

Aura distorted

Your vibe is off

Wrong energy I write it off

Lost in my thoughts I talk to gods

Can’t trust the snakes that approach me

Stick to the code my ogs done told me

Fucking up cause you ain't listen closely

I swear you don’t wanna to see the old me

Ride with demons

Soul is do or die

Spirit purified

Liver liquified

Pineal open wide

Limits are denied

Triple eyed unite

Cross us

And get crucified

Everyday all I do is sacrifice

Word the wise I’m your demise

Better recognize

We on the rise

Raising hellfire you can see it in our eyes


Verse 5 (Nuevo):

Pull out the rosary count the beads

Un Du Trois count to three

Smoking trees burning leaves

So high that my eyes speak Can-To-Nese

Or Japanese or Javanese

Screwed by a scrooge like Ebenezer

Saying “Help me please”

To be dealt with ease

You know you dealing with a crew that you can’t defeat

Best to leave it alone, you about to enter our zone

Blow the spark off your heart, leave it dark, every part 

Emptying corazons

Feel the fear when we near, disappear when we here

If you heard what you hear then it’s on

See it clear in the mirror, when you glare and it sears

Who be hurting and gripping your soul


Repeat hook


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