Baby Bawal

Paid In Bawal
Bawal Clan
Producer: JSTJED


Baby bawal on her best day

Baby bawal on her worst day

Baby bout it she could get that pipe

Lemme hit it when ya thirstay

Lemme hit it on a Thursday

Lemme hit it on a Friday

Baby bawal she could get that pipe

Lemme hit it on a weekday


Verse 1 (Ankthen Brown):

Countin them Franklins, Benjamin

Can't hang with basics I'm kickin' em

My gang too bawal to sit with em

My bitches bad you can't get with em

Swimming around in this vetement

You think you got it but ain’t in it

Fakin' the funk for the fame in it

Gunnin' you down, yeah I'm slayin em

Twenty one savage, I'm spankin em

Plastic folks callin' not answerin

I think I’m more than just brilliant

My gang is more than magnificent

Yo bitch ain't bad I'm not into them

Rather go work on my millions

Bawal the gang we be killin em

Shawties all love what we givin em


Repeat hook


Verse 2 (Rjay Ty):

Baby cakes she too sweet let me kick it just like Bruce Lee, aye

Nah she ain't no groupie but she hotter than that doobie flame

Got me high with one hit damn, got me down with one click bang

Lying down on my hip she blowing smoke all over my lips, gang

You better ride with the motion cause Bawal the ocean we bringing you waves

If you ain't down with the clique you can go suck a dick and get outta my face

Who else be cooking it raw, ha?

Who else be dripping with sauce, ha?

Who else could hit it with energy tell me nobody could mess with it OHA!


Repeat hook


Verse 3 (DZ SVG):

Let me get it on a day to day

Forget yo old friends that always hate

They always got some dumb shit to say

Man fuck them bitches, never liked them anyway

Kick it with my Chun Li

Asian mami got me

Feed me umami

Eat it her edamame

Fold her, origami

Jubilee sparking

You with my arm on

No other by me

She open, we coasting, occasionally astral surfing

Baby bawal know how to handle the business

Build a foundation cause there more than meets the surface

The world ain’t perfect, baby I see how you put the work in

Still know how to shine when time be the darkest

After I get that slice I reside in your mind

We reach as far as our 3rd eye sight


Repeat hook


Verse 4 (Nuevo):


Never would’ve thought

That you'd ever be so, adorable

Not everybody be blessed with your body

Yeah, you got it all

How does somebody get with

Somebody like you... Could I give you a call?

Check in out of town or maybe ride around

Or stroll through a mall

Whatever you wanna do 

Just tell me about it, and set this day aside

Pick you up around 1 or 2

Let me holla and get that boo

Tell me how do you keep your coool

Keep it hot while we peek a boo...

In a highland with different views



Baby driving we cruise to the show

Baby bout it ey she food for da soul

Baby bawal all up in my mind

Baby bawal wanna spend my time

Baby now I got my eye on the wealth

Baby bawal ey you bad for my health

Do it so hard it got me limpin

Baby body got me trippin


Repeat hook


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