Paid In Bawal
Bawal Clan
Producer: Pope Fiction


Got that fern, get the fire

Let it burn, let it fry

In a blunt, in a pipe

Anything to get that high

Let it float, let it fly

Take a toke, let it ride

Let it turn and in turn

Let off positive vibes

In the zone, when I slide

When I stride, when I glide

When you don’t want to catch them fades

In your shades, hide your eyes

See the signs of the times

Different lives, different crimes

Hear their cries, gotta keep rollin

Rock on bawid-daba bye bye


Verse 1 (Lex Luthoor):

Bye Bye (Aye) 

Pull up in your city yeah I finna do a drive by

Fly High (Aye) 

On buddah level contemplating like a rabbi

Third eye tell an enemy from an ally

If you ain't on the same boat you a sore eye

Your aura tell it all and it dont lie

Who the fuck looking at me with a side eye?

Sick as ebola, verses from torah

My mind controller is ready to roll out

Balling with the clan a legit high roller

Ice on both wrist im a bit bipolar

Power from the gods whenever I roll up

I don’t play no games I don't tic tac toe

Put you to test in the west they go

I’m the big bad wolf with a red head hoe


Verse 2 (Mic Rahman):

Fear in ya eyes I see it

That fear in my eyes I beat it

Daily criticize my bein'

They be tellin lies in between the lines I read em

Can’t hide that feelin

I can sniff it out from a mile that demon

I can see it so clear in the dark that demon

Swayin like a tide throwing everything aside for a time now 

I be steady fightin that demon

Ain’t nobody hearin me

But I hear em all clear all the voices in my head tryna find that peace of mind

I be killin it

Even though at at times I just wanna blow my head off wit a 9

One time for my people ere

Got that money on my mind, bout to get mine bitches on the side

With the clan yeah you feelin that

When we pull up in the spot

Everybody feel the fiyah

Burn deep in ere


Verse 3 (MNL$):

It’s all or nothing; it’s dedication

It’s your concentration

The situation not a vacation

If you wanna be famous

Now you complaining cause I’m Asian

Now I’m one of your favorites

Don’t be no lame bitch

Do what you say kid

Are you really complaining?

Well, you ain’t done shit

Please don’t act rich

Cause you under surveillance

Boy, you ain’t that sick

You need practice

Now you testing my patience

Why, you is plastic?

You is cashless

When it’s all about saving

Don’t try to swag up

On your mashup

Cause I’ll be your replacement


Verse 4 (Rjay Ty):

Hold up, hold up, hold up let me breathe and free my mind

I just wanna hit it, hit it pass it on and then rewind

Living in a crazy world where everything is out of line

Ain’t afraid of death but truth is I hate running out of time

I'm alive and I'm high

See the fire in my eyes

On the grind all the time

All the time on the grind

Imma get it, get it, get it, get it yup by any means

Middle finger to the haters go and take it as you please yuh


Verse 5 (Ankthen Brown):

Smokin' that spinach like Popeye

Smoke a bitch nigga yell bye bye

I cannot fuck withcho energy

I'm with my niggas we might do a drive by

Way too damn cold to feel anything

I'm sippin' Hennessy gettin' new facial ink

I'm choppin' up in the limousine sippin promethazine 

I call it pop high

Might roll on molly and whiteside

Handle my bidness at Best Buy

Fuck any op finna blind side

Imma take flight on the westside

Buss it down on the eastside

Down at Bedstuy where the best lie

Got a bad bitch with them best thighs

And a QP by my bedside


Repeat hook


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