Paid In Bawal
Bawal Clan
Producer: Yung Bawal

Verse 1 (MNL$):

I don’t want hoes in my comfort zone

I don’t want hoes blowing up my phone

Don’t get me wrong

I don’t give a fuck, I’ve always been alone

My dick is long

We fucking, so I cum on you

Tomorrow I will write this song

This shit is born

You think I’m only R&B

Well, listen carefully

Now keep your eyes on me

Like a million dollar centerpiece

So many bitches

Spitting so vicious

Licking with interest

Pussy delicious


Verse 2 (Rjay Ty and Lex Luthoor):

(Rjay Ty)

Get on your knees today imma teach you how to pray

We gon bring your ass to church tell the people celebrate

Tell the homies grab a drink tell the gang hit the dank

We just doing what we want don't give a fuck bout what you think

(Lex Luthoor)

What you think? Who got dank?

Got them beats make tha club go bang

Fuck tha fame, stay in your lane

Go go gadget, Bruce Wayne

Hop on the train or get pushed down the tracks

Put squad on strain and we spend like 3 racks

Trading the slacks for the hats and the tats

Giving your heart an attack and that’s facts


Verse 3 (Ankthen Brown):

Big facts! Big bank rolls!

Talkin' big stacks

Big booty bitch on my dick

Told her get back

Big gats big bang boom

Hit em bitch made

Big thangs big clipped glizzy’s

Atcho bitch face


Clear the damn thang

Hit a stain, finna hit a lick

I need a new chain

Clear the bank, empty out that bitch

I need that Louis bag

Momma need that wraith, I need dat Tesla

Need about 500 bands

Fuckin a bitch and friend, finger roll in

Then I ride out wit the gang

Hit up that Gucci and Flex, rackin up checks

Gotta ride out with em bands

Don't fuckin sleep on the set, know we up next

All you bitches so impressed

Never puffin on the stress, designer fresh

Shawty hit me for the tec


Verse 4 (Rjay Ty and Lex Luthoor):


Wet! Wet! Wet! Got that water quench your thirst

Bang that neck! Neck! Neck! Don't you stop until it hurts

We gon break it, we gon chop it, we gon grind it til it works

Glory be to the gang pray for the posse spread the word

(Lex Luthoor)

Yeah you heard, we are the prophets professing that sound

Killing the vibe we releasing the hounds

Exposing the clowns while we making our rounds

Take you to town imma breaking it down

Give you that feeling it’s making you frown

Who be tha king? We be taking his crown

Planning a lick on the lowdown

If you don't know, bet you know now


Verse 5 (DZ SVG):

Cop it

Grind it

Roll it

Spark it

Not my fault

Can’t stop the habit

Kill it

Feel this

Keep it

Trill g

This be

Next up

Master savage

Fuck it up

Fuck it up

We be up

Run a muck

Bout to cut up

I do it with a passion

Your efforts aren’t enough

Punk ass bitch

Bitch ass punk

My skills are ever lastin

Loyalty never questioned

System full of crystals

Whip you with my sex pistol

Wrap around your neck

Apply more pressure

Assassinating culture vultures

Equipped with three eye vision

Loser, your image an illusion

You confused kid

I’m the rudest

Conclusion you end up with a contusion

True to the game, my team hold it down

Get realest love from the underground

You fake as shit when you come around

So tasteless, careless, fuck your sound


Outro (2x):

Four cheese on my plate

More cheese, more skanks

Pouring syrup in my drink

More trees more dank

Got my fuckin feet stank

Steady runnin to the bank

Seeing visions 20/20

Got me staring point blank


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