Paid In Bawal
Bawal Clan
Producer: Pope Fiction

Hook (2x):

Stupid lil bitch

Wanna suck on my dick

Wanna ride on my hip

Got this gun on my hip


Verse 1 (Ankthen Brown):

Takin up, two lanes

Big body, Usain

Runnin fast for them blue thangs

Ski mask, no face

No case, fuck rats

Big bats, grandslam

Home runner with a big sack

Big bands, lemme get dat

Touch down, long pass

Louis bag o'my bitch back

Pourin fo's inside my cup im like a kickstand

Gotcho bitch up on my nuts she finna hit dat

Backwoods, 8 grams

You a bitch, take that

Wit da gang, countin big stacks

9 milli, finna kick back


Verse 2 (Mic Rahman):

Gun on my hip

Busted lip

Why you stressin me out?

I’m bout ta flip

We goin legit

Why you shittin yo self though?

Just humble yoself bro

Little bitch here can't walk by hisself yo

You see me around right?

You jackin the sound right?

Goin around like

You feelin the sound, why?

I ain’t tryna waste time, ain't tryna hang

I ain't tryna fuck witchu

I just wanna get high and live my life

Fuck with Clan (blao!)


Verse 3 (MNL$):

Ask yourself, do you feel pain?

Are your bills paid?

Who you real friends?

Do you throw shade?

Man, fuck what a bitch say!

So, are you two faced?

Are you bootleg?

Do you feel sane?

You a test phase on this true stage?

Do you rap cause it’s a cool thing?

Is your crew thicker than Wu-Tang?

Do you stand behind your full name?

Are you dreaming-seeing in 4K?

Are you fucking after foreplay?

Do you drink your OJ?

Miss Annie, are you okay?

I’m saucing like I'm sautéed!


Repeat hook 


Verse 4 (OJ River):

Stupid lil bitch

22 on my hip

Finna bust on that lip

Point blank hollow tip

OG's they know me

I keep it lowkey

We smoke by the O-Z

Don’t act like you know me

Pare, pare di mo ko kilala

Batang Sta. Ana na pa gala gala

Mejo napa aga dito sa kalsada

Mejo napa aga akong napasama

Sa mga tarantado at mga bata

Na pa kalat kalat di mga mayaman

Sayo na ang masa di ko yan kailangan

Pre sino ka nga ba di ko maalala


Verse 5 (Nuevo):

Para kang gago

Nardo na putik

Parang tarantado

Napaka stupid

Hawakan ang ulo

Itali sa lubid

Magpaiwan sa kwarto

Itapon ang susi

Di pa 'ko tapos, ipako sa krus

Lahat ng may balak sumangga

Sandal o atras, wag kang umangkas

At bata baka ka tumumba

Hala nawala, wag kang bumangga

Di mo alam anong biglang kakagat

Wag kang sumabat, di ka pa sapat

Tinggnan mo ang linya wag kang lumampas


Repeat hook


Verse 6 (Rjay Ty):

When I pull up with my hood up 

Then that means I'm with the gang

That haduken sonic boomin’ but I spit that yoga flame

We don't talk shit we just do it 

We be mobbin everyday

Roll that sticky-icky green 

Blowing O's up in your lane

Fuck the lames this shit bangs, Bawal Clan we insane

Bring a jacket cause the team here 

You can bet we make it rain

That umbrella won't protect ya fuck the haters and the shade

With that money don't act funny we all out here getting paid


Verse 7 (Lex Luthoor):

Got no time for these bitches I’m getting that money

A whole lot of money, I ain’t planning on failing

I’m high to the ceiling, I’m finding my calling

You hit the snooze while I go grind in the morning

No rest, no sleep till I pull up in a foreign

Crew hella deep, no mid-class balling

Trap real hard cuz our kids won’t starve

So when I see you in the dark nigga ain't no telling

Pop another bean peep my eye yeah it rolling

Dick that bitch down she ride it round like it stolen

Got my demon horns on fleek but I’m holy

Blood diamonds encrusted on my rollie

So you stupid lil bitch

I’m just tryna get rich

Put yo lip on my dick

Respect the flick of my wrist

Yah yah


Repeat hook


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