Galavanter (feat. DJ Rhettmatic)

Sun Of A Gun
Producer: Galavanter

Verse 1:

I got that gift of gab, Gift of Gab

Mykill Miers, Ras Kass

Myka 9, Acey, Self, Medussa, Nonce and Abstract

Bad Azz and Bad Lucc

Krondon and Phil Da Ag'

Above The Law, Defari, The Visionary camp

South Central Cartel

M.A.A.D. Circle, Lench Mob

King Tee, Alkaholik clique, Cube and Snoop Dogg

Nate Dogg, Planet Asia, Cypress Hill and 40

CJ Mac, JT and the R.B.L. Posse

Self Scientific

The Hieroglyphics

Mack 10, Mac Mall, Mac Dre and Xzibit

CM Dub, The Coup, Cellski and Kid Frost

Ant Banks, The Pharcyde, DJ Quik and 2Pac

2Mex and Spice-1

L.A. Kool and Kam

Celly Cel and Kokane and Bangin' On Wax

Yeah, Psycho Realm, the whole Sick Side Army

And of course O.F.T.B. and my Soul Assassin posse

I used to drive around for hours with my high school crew

My radio had one speaker cause the other one blew

If I remember right, I think on Friday night we'd be out

Just to catch the joint on the beat for the newest shit out

Nardo and King M's, I'm freestyling with my friends

A gallon of gas and a half broken gat and a fifth

Under age, under the influence of smog and a beat

The Wake Up Show with Sway and Tech, rest in peace to Bigga B


Hook (scrathes):



Verse 2:

I used to walk inside the cipher with my rosary swinging

The homie Sniper held me down in case the club start binging

I was trying not to bring the banging in the rap when it started

Cause in the 90's bullets flying just to see where your heart is

I'm from where heartless killers never wrote a rap in they life

My O.G.'s laugh at rap money, they make that in a night

They told me, "Bam, you better not let these wack rappers survive."

I pack a punch with every line without a punchline in mind

I boast the same tats as cannibal headhunters

And when I hear drums

I wanna rip off the top of a bum rapper

This Hiphop that you claiming ain't the Hiphop I know

Cut down from where it used to be like a Kardashian nose

I'm born and raised like I'm Sponto and Two Tone

And all my life I've been dismantling money myths, kill a president twice

I see the money moving like Victor Ortiz, with his hands down

Protect yourself at all times or get laid out


Hook (scratches):

"Straight off the streets of chaos and no pity"

"Take a big sniff of these rap lines"

"I pop lock with cha" '

"Picture this"

"It's a west coast jack move"

"Who's the one you call Mr. Macho, the head honcho"

"The hardcore rain/reign leaves ya rusted"

"You wanna get dissed, then try to get illy"

"Let's face it, you basic boy"


Verse 3:

I'm a Beat Junkie junkie, make money, spread money

Surprised I got this out cause marijuana make me fuzzy

Haha, marijuana make me fuzzy

Wait Rhett, hold up I got something else

I'm Roy Choi wit it

Pushing my shit around L.A

I'm Roy Choi wit it

Pushing my shit around L.A

I'm Roy Choi wit it

Pushing my shit around L.A

L.A., L.A

Get 'em Rhett


Hook (scratches):

"West y'all"


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