Sun Of A Gun
Producer: Stablished

Verse 1:

Stablished is the baddest from Los Angeles

Survived that summer madness just to watch my cousin get blasted

They think Filipinos only drive them rockets and talk with accents

And our women?

Only good for import modeling with they asses

Standing, smiling like Levy Tran

With her white man

I got a pump, I got baby mama with an ill rap

My Asian girl, an Asian woman who do hood work

Organize the block and walk the line and put the hood first

A Filipino from a different kind of cloth

The kind of instigator, scrap and walk off like "that's what I thought"

You must be used to seeing A.B.D.C. and shit

Got you thinking we only pop lock and break and shit

But when you see me with a mask on, ain't no dancing

I will Jabbawock your Jordans off and sell them to buy some Pampers

With holding information I have stolen

Edward Snowden homie blowing marijuana in the open


Hook (4x):

Ya yo


Verse 2:

I don't do that Ken Jeong style cooning

They emasculate my brothers in all these movies they keep shooting

The fuck?

Don't make me boost a car just to convince you

I'll do 80 in a 20 with my dick hanging out the window

I don't know about these other Asian rappers that's out

I claim my blood and always take my shoes off when I'm in the house

Like a plastic covered couch, a moral shield and a Santo Nino

Got bullets in random drawers, my daddy from Iloilo

So pistols been in my life

I'm saying, longer than dad was

It was my job to raise my son to grow up strong like Cali bud

This for my family bruh

You need to learn you some

Oh you went to public school too?

I guess you ain't learning none

Peace to Somoli mom

Till the trafficking the women around the whole globe is gone

Stablished on the beat, no need to quantize

Grab a bag of shrimp chips, sit down, and bump mine


Repeat hook



We live in Oakland

Let me say that again

We live in Oakland

Bang bang


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