Illuminotme (feat. Brother Ali and Odessa Kane)

Sun Of A Gun
Producer: ATG


Forget the politicians

The politicians are put there to give you the idea

That you have freedom of choice

You don't

You have no choice

You have owners

They own you

They own everything


Verse 1:

I've been enlightened before 1700

Illuminati, not me

I'm from the jungle

From the word-swinging people who could measure the sun

And harness power from the land before the Spanish would come

I don't need Bavarian methods or secret societies

I can see that there's a power out suppressing the colonies

Let's call it Mickey D's, and Nestle, and Pepsi, and Coca-Cola

Call 'em Wal-Mart, and Rupert Murdock, big-money-holders

Fuck a triangle children, they got logos galore

No need the eye above the pyramid, just walk to the store

You are controlled by the dollars, and pigs on patrol

So getting free's far beyond where the measly charities goal

If I leave the earth old enough to see a spark get lit

And I can raise my family in the means I see fit, shit

I don't need to know conspiracy

The poli-tricking politicians poppin' right in front me



They own all the important land

They own and control the corporations

They long since bought and paid for

The senate, the congress, the statehouses

They've got the judges in their back pockets

And they own all the big media companies

So they control just about all the news and information you get to hear

They got you by the balls

They spend billions of dollars every year, lobbying

Lobbying to get what they want


Verse 2:

Tell me what's the difference if it's the Illuminati

Or the Bilderberg Group who put the shit up in the fruit?

Instead of nit-picking the religion of the truth

Just to sit and be the realist theorist in the room

I'll tell you what the truth is, new shit

The proof is: a slow motion Youtube clip with scary music

Believing these officials would be foolish

But info with no action is useless

Trying to open eyes, organize, and build power

I know all about the hell I'm trying to get out of

Two million dollars on sister Assata's head

It's when you really get it poppin' that they want you dead

It's the information age, that ain't what we're lacking

It's the heart and the backbone to make it happen

I love knowlege, never patronize that

But what we need to know is where your sacrifice at, Jack



Well we know what they want

They want more for themselves, and less for everybody else

But I'll tell you what they don't want:

They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking

They don't want well-informed

Well-educated people capable of critical thinking

They're not interested in that

That doesn't help them

That's against their interests


Verse 3:

Look: while you was zoned out on Infowars

Outside your kinfolk got smoked, plus Po-Po had him in a figure-4

Between the rich and poor, yes y'all in a civil war

So imagine me let these Hitlers make me feel insecure

Why would you let cowards who operate in the shadows have you

Studying skull and bones, now you feelin' vulnerable

Meanwhile the bullet holes, and projects hallways

Hoods serve as symbolism themselves

From them my vision is sell

Not as in blood sale even though youngblood fell

I'm talkin' 'bout a four by four

Youngins' up for sale

Sound like some trap shit to me, did that recon

And that's the only trap shit you'll ever hear me speak on

That's why I don't worry about reptilians and shape-shifters

We already got enough snakes and fakes who switch up

The city alone look like a snake-pit Matrix

Mixed with complacency, watched by C. I. Agency

That's the least of my issues, though I got seeds to raise

Plus, powers that be playin' a game of keep-away

To keep our freedom and people at bay the distance shows

That crimes against us never pop by coincidence, oh

You think I'm lying?

It's right there on the fucking news

Read between a hundred lies, stop acting like you fucking knew



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