Walk On The Sun (feat. Rachel Lastimosa)

Sun Of A Gun
Producer: ATG


The sun look different now in New Town

The ghost of babies brought a thousand news crews out

They focused on the guns and the bullets

But forgot that mental health was at the root of all this bullshit

When your health needs insurance from a company

It's a problem when you call the health industry

An industry but really

I ain't here to push agendas over beats

I just came to spread the sun across the beach

To all the babies who ain't make it to the some of those who love ya

Bought to make the world remember that you lived

Forgive me if I space out when I smoke

Zone out and choke

I don't believe in Heaven, Baby Danger give me hope


An old soul since 13

So by my count my soul is prolly like a 115

With all the shit that I've seen

From late teens to the marines

To discovering the world can find peace

But first we gotta come down to the bottom

From where the problem is not a punchline on an album

We can do without 'em

Like I was saying no agenda G

I came here to spread the sun out onto the street

Live from Los Angeles and settled now in Oakland

Poetic Justice of Lucky's cousin and get smoked

If maybe Cane had made it out

Or Ronnie to Atlanta

But bullets make it easy to be hard so fuck a backup

Son of a gun without the sunscreen

This for the graduating class of 2013

And those in continuation

Handle biz, get that diploma, if you don't that's okay

Just be a man about the people of the people, serve the people

Un pueblo unido

Or a woman bout the people of the people, serve the people

Un pueblo unido



I, would walk on the sun with you

Fly higher with you

Fly higher with you



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