The Lost Art of Throwback

Expansion Pack
Shadow Moses
Producer: Six The Northstar

Whatchu want now?

To stay frosty

I get back to the crib and I chill out with my posse

Whatchu want now?

To stay hungry

I’m grinding like Balboa you know it when this shit Rocky

You mean the Rockies? We colluding with Colorado

Stay higher than colonies in spacious environments

like space pirates, Binyare, Invaders like Atari

I’m not sorry. Rape and pillage like Dothraki

Endors got Ewoks and we take em as our Padawans

Xizor excites my incisors like spliced whores

Return of the Jedi, Pornographic Hentai

Gun them like we Bandai, we gun them till they all die

Killing kindergarten gimmicks came in dealing now we in it

limit is a kid’s term, we aiming for the infinite

Victor viciously verbose vaporising the flow

Vanish Vaders with that vast air vein Deschanel, Zoe

Yo, not only highly intellectual but equally skilled

Ninno is a mage man, he spits firaga at will

More final than fantasy and ambiguous destinations

Winged wonder call me grayson, air combat and I aced ‘em

A missile in your anus, shoutouts to Miscellaneous!

Kicking up the angel dust I, dusted all the angels I

Face ‘em mano-e-mano, until they flatline

these rap lines I dial up with the ease of a Hindu God

Is it Brahmin or Shiva? Do you need a fucking shisha?

The ease of a Hindu, so I guess you better curry -I mean hurry

The power of forty thousand virgins is otherworldly

That’s twenty thousand virgins each that’s an episode of Maury

Twenty thousand leagues under me. You mean we

Verne don’t got the joules to out-energy me

I’m an energy freak super smashing the weak

Chopping silly syllables like Shulk versus the Shiek

It’s the lost art, you rappers lack heart

You’ve forgotten the elements that make you sound smart



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