Multiply Motivation

Producer: JedLi

Verse 1:

So I stepped into the room and saw a dim lamp light

Can't seem to focus my eyes on the surroundings

Cluttered, they all seem to have something to say

But on the same wall all I see is clutter

Now the laundry stays in the way unless you move it

Cups and plates stay in the tray unless you use it

Bathroom won't clean itself

Shit stacked around the corners

Cause' I dont own a shelf

I could pour you a glass and you could give me a smile

But I gotta take the trash out every once in a while

I'm the only moving object in this on-going-offset

Kept in this concrete complex

Its midnight, writin' insight, hopin it might

Make you think of how you living your life

In the rights I ignite to excite

Enlight and invite

Ya'll to sit tight as I recite

The thoughts that got me lost in the moment

Carefully woven, then thrown in the open

Hopin' to be layin' in the sea of your conciouncicus

Serves as a scarf

Not as a compass



And I keep on sweeping this house alone

No sidetracks im on my own

Time keeps going with the metronome

As each flow goes thru the microphone

And each piece speaks of a story

Revealin' itself to whom it looks for

Came with an aim to tame the lame copy

Remainin' the same throughout the rain pour


Verse 2:

Sometimes the clouds come to cast a grey sky

Sometimes the clouds go to let the rays shine

Sometimes the roads clog with smog

And sometimes its filled up with nothing at all

And even in the silence

You can hear the tension

Twisting its grip around its invention

Tied to fear, controlled by imaginary puppeteers

How you gonna let em' steer and hope to get outta here?

I remain captain of this vessel

Came to fertilize every shore that I settle

Made to verbalize, recognize its a germicide

In this enterprise, I decide to revitalize

Cause I reside in unrevised analogy

Neither side alive to subsidize our reality

So when im done happily, fillin' up this cavity

Then I'll prolly roll out casually



To each his own

To find his own way home

To each his own

To find his own way home



Lemmie burn this inferno

Internally hurdle

Eternally fertile for serve to be worth, your concerns to be heard

Let every single crayon color up the earth to the moon

And every single prayer pavin' up the universe too

Time to realize the grater size that lies before your very eyes

Justify! testify!

Time to realize the greater size that lies before your very eyes

Multiply, multiply, multiply!


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