Twilight On The Sea

Producer: Justin de Guzman


And when the moon shines

She cries 'till the tides swell high

Screamin' for the sky

Cursed under my spell

As I fell, flyin' thru a blind hell

Lyin' juvenile stealth of a wild child

Ruined my health

For a tinge of twilight

In the finite of my life

Reflection refracts in my eyesight

As I write

Despite the fear of disappearing

Beyond the night

Forever wandering, conquering



Calm as the eye of the storm as she approaches

Hostess of baffling form provoked psychosis

I know this, i've had it before, im no novice

The whole globe was slo-mo, bro

Before you noticed

The sky ripped open a hole that spoke hopeless

The lightning and thundering strokes emote solace

The wind howls and I yell back

Stay focused

It's no joke

I'm tied to these ropes

No protest

She pierced like a thorn of a rose

The rain battering

Shattering every bone

As I slipped off ship

Slid a slippery slope

Lord hearin me, nope

Pass to heaven revoked

Lost but really I’m home

Driftin' off on her waves

Brought to life in the glow

Soft as light in her gaze

Sharp as scythe in the soul

Dark as night in a maze

Hard as ice in the cold

Farthest I’ve ever made

Story I’ve never told


Repeat hook


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