Verse 1:

One, two

I'm 'bout to kick it off like it's Kung-fu

New art of war like I summoned it from Sun Tzu

Some dudes fall asleep when I come to

But it don't stop train of thought when it runs thru

My brain manages

The amethyst

Shade of cannabis

Stay animate and move like an abacus

The way I handle it eradicate contaminants

Smooth as the groove set the mood

For the analyst

Open panel it

I hope it's dope and adequate

Enough to satisfy your whole shenanigan

It's automatic and you know you don't gotta panic

Cause I man it like the pope does the vatican

Manic at the math again


Paddling the waves time traveling

Mapping out the maze, rhyme babbling

While unraveling the day

Dibba dabble in the race

Floating on to outer space



Chorus (2x):

One time for divine

Spirit intertwined

With the universe and mind

I search inverse and rhyme

In this space immersed in time

Meditate and elevate the soul vibration



Verse 2:

It's something like the

Balcony alchemy

Cavalry-vowed valkyrie

Allowed to be as loud as a live crowd is about to be

Undoubtedly appease the passing breeze

We easy packin' trees

Sparkin' up like stars and galaxies

I see the gravity beneath the cavity

The surface gettin' weak

And its sad to see the tragedy enact the scene

I mean I can't believe

With our capacity

It's sorta whack we lack the action not the strategy

To remedy the dire need

Of findin' higher creed

Instead of lying, buying mad supplies of irony

Standing idley kinda like a false idol

Lost title in the line of the vital deed

It's either we forget the rivalry

Annihilate entirely

Or violently stay in denial

Humanity's been awaiting the trial

Date set in the dial

Guess the destination is final


Repeat chorus




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