Hermano (feat. August Wahh)

Producer: August Wahh

Verse 1 (August Wahh):

Brother killing brother

Takes a toll on one another

Cause we blinded the lies

And the promise to be richer

Fighting over money, it’s sad really

Forgetting all those days

When we were kids and bein’ silly

We were once family

Don’t you miss those yesteryears

When we swore to one another

That we would look out for each other

Hanging on a thread (It’s mayhem, it’s stupid)

To wish a brother dead

(Just cos greed consumed the spirit)


Hook (August Wahh) (4x):

Brother, brother, brother… brother


Verse 2 (RBTO):

Brother man, brother man

Doing all you can

Just to free the seven seas and the foreign lands

In a place they separated due to race and mutual hatred

Now you livin' in a space they call a state to make a statement

Ain't it blatant how they’re rearranging history books

Small tales, big lies

Left our chemistry shook

It’s a damn big sign that we’re livin with crooks

And you’ve signed the dotted line if you took a good look

Yeah, we’re probably whopped

By the loops and the hooks

Who knows who cares? It’s the effort it took


So lemme get it straight till everything looks nice

It’s the trip not the destination

Go live a good life

Man, are you kidding me

Stop spittin' stupidity

Ya wack soliloquy

Ain't no sign of virtuosity

At best, your probability

At possible delivery

Is still a mystery

And yes- you’re still a bum officially

So talk about my drive and don’t gas me up

If I jot between the lines and I filled your cup

It’s a walk between the minds

And a stop between the finds

And it ought to undermine such a complicated crime



Hook (August Wahh):

(brother, brother, brother…. brother)

It shouldn’t be this way between, brothers

(brother, brother, brother….brother)

Were not suppose to hate our own brother

(brother, brother, brother….brother)

We’re thicker than water brother

(brother, brother, brother… brother)

Wouldn’t want you buried under, brother


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