Sharpest Tool In The Shed
Producer: Pele

It's the godless leading the masses to God
Exposing you as the God
You counter-forward, I will bite like a dog
Dog-loyal to a movement who ain’t loyal to you
Hey, you was cancel culture, now they're cancel culturing you
I don't want to see no more impostor movements from fools
I don’t take none of it seriously unless they're stepping to you
And they most definitely won't, my reputation is true
See I got Filipino killers out in Winnipeg too
Who put steel to your grill, make you MF DOOM
THC-heavy J's make LL Cool
I was doing double-timing back in 2002
Mistakes got madе, can't make a horse out of glue
But I do continuе solidarity moves
And I do make records to give hope to the youths
But you do know you have to have your ear to the troops
'cause the table won't flip unless you're helping out too
But fuck, enough with all this solidarity spiel
Turn my focus on these jokers but I’m laughing for real
As the keeper of the sacred art of bombing a mic
I hone the power of a monk when the mic say, "Strike!"
I am Luke in the afterlife, my saber is long
I can handle killer-pussy my Chewbacca is strong
Yo, got something special, I’m the sharpest of tools
Bench pressing on the yard
Trade you books for some Kools
Treat information like jewels
Sharpen blade with a blade
Fuck a gender reveal, reveal the end of the game


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