Rhythm Of Christ

Producer: Justin de Guzman

Verse 1:

I get on my knees and repent

For every second that fled

For every sentence I said

That never went through my head

Instead it manifested itself

Through a reckless intent

'Til your reflection indents

To leave the microphone drenched

And when you peep what it meant

You realize he felt the world through a pen

And never lied about the work he put in

He couldn't, wouldn't

Bend to let it all dissolve into sin

Instead he gives it up along with the wind

This ain't a fad or a trend

Its navigation thru the pattern of men

To contemplate and find the truth in the end

It's how we celebrate the fruits of the day

And never let it to waste

It's how we slow it down to speed up the pace

It's in the look of the face

When you hear it hit the snare and the bass

And when you hear it spit the flare and the grace

It's in a mothers embrace

It's the faith of a will and a way

The way it shakes, makes you feel it in space

Everyday I say


Chorus (2x):

Life is

Livin' the light

Over the vices

I write this

Bit of advice

Hopin' it might get

You through the night

In the middle of crisis

And move to the rhythm of Christ


Verse 2:

I often contemplate upon the long await

Beyond the date of which my thought would ever propagate

Until I learn the names of the stars

I've made it this far

To go beyond without a plane or a car

And I'm holdin' on to love cause I'm insane in the art

In and out until im bathin' in scars

I never hated my part

To be apprentice of a crazy wizard

Serenadin' till the maidens is ours!

And it’s hard

To trust the word of a man

But if you're a man of your word

You would be fit to withstand any battling nerd

And many chatter is heard

Instead of havin' to earn credit

They be takin' on debit till they ass is happily served

This sadly recurs, like a disease

That we actually deserve

It's rather disturbed

But if your family prefers

You gotta listen up close and observe

The miracle works

If you believe that it could shatter the curse


Repeat chorus


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