Irrational Thought


Verse 1:

I'm 'bout to write about this girl

Some of ya'll know her, some of ya'll dont

Some of ya'll sober and some of ya'll smoke

Some of ya'll loners when summer's all over

All fun and all jokes till one of ya'll chokes

Then, it's all broke

You summon all hope

While runnin' off roads

And swingin' on rope

Just to catch a glimpse of her eminent glow

As I've been ever since at your local rock show

Cause she can rock beats

And I can rock flows

While I would raise heat

She could make the rain pour

Now isn't that sweet

More than I could ask for

I love her so deep

Couldn't see the end goal

That's seemingly bleak

But the feeling enfolds

While it affects me

With no reason enclosed

You probably don't believe

Like, I'm about to explode

Gettin' fully exposed

Yet I don't mean to impose



And, so what, so what, so what

If we don't talk, so much, so much, so much

I just gotta show up

And we could chill out like a couple grown-ups

Love drunk and I'm 'bout to throw up


And, so what, so what, so what

If she's a crazy bitch

I love her so much, so much

I'm so afraid of it

Cause every little inch I take is dangerous

And imma take the risk

Cause she's my favorite


Verse 2:

State of bliss 'till I'm trippin'

Ain't hard to tell by the way it was written'

In the stars and the shells

To propel my description

Where the endlessness dwells in between her decisions

I didn't even ask for permission

I just felt compelled to expel inhibition

Driven by the livin' force of harmony and perfect rhythm

In tradition of my position of our grand solar system

And even as I drown in the drink

Every sound makes me think

She's around every other blink

I guess my mind's been playing tricks on me

I thought she tried to lay a kiss on me

You know the joke's on me

With these emotions she evokes on me

I write a note for you to quote for free

And just in case you tryin' to battle

I hope you know I spit from the heart

Even love couldn't tear me apart

Until it's over I'm like...


Repeat chorus



2021 Single

Ito Ang Gusto Ko!

Meron Akong Ano!
Francis M.
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FlipMusic Volume 3
Various Artists
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