The Drop Out

Thursday Night Lights
J. Blaze

Verse 1:

Stay awake, paving away

You can walk on my pavement

But don't stay in my way

Ain't concerned with the payments

I just wait for the day

That people learn to listen closer

To the words that I say

Hold on, wait

Please, don't concern me with hate

I ain't worried 'bout the future

Don't concern me with fate

Could've put my shit out sooner

So consider me late

I just had to keep it real

So don't consider me fake

See eyes fill with envy

Do this for my grandson

Plan comes together in a year

Like I had one

Mind still empty

Fears, no I have none

Can't run

So I don't give a fuck about the outcome

Outclass the masses

Outlast a blacklist

Dropped out my classes

Now I make classics

Spitting every sick verse

On a smooth canvas

And I just fucking do it

I ain't got time for practice




I ain't got time to waste

Fate ain't gon' wait for a time and place

Hate ain't gon' make up for my mistakes

(Tell the world that I'm ready)

(Shit, I'm chasing after greatness)

I ain't got time to waste

Fate ain't gon' take up no time or space

Patience won't make up for my mistakes

(So tell the world that I'm ready)

(Shit, I'm chasing after greatness)


Verse 2:

Dreams that I doubted

Looking back now, I can't seem to live without it

Never really gave a fuck about how I sounded

Head to the sky

Though I keep myself grounded

Pound for pound champ

Shit I'm seeing it now

I'm a mind with a voice that's in need of a crowd

What's a mind without thought, sight, feeling, or sound?

What's a voice worth if you ain't speaking out loud?

I came to slay shows I ain't scared of a stage

I am lyrically equipped and prepared to amaze

Making my way back to music

I've been at it for days

Still cocky, and yet, oddly

Past my arrogant phase

I am lyrically deranged

And I came here to own it

I've got enough friends

Shit I need more opponents

Stop the fucking beat

Let me relish in the moment

Now bring it back cause I gotta keep going



Repeat hook

J. Blaze - Thursday Night Lights (2014):



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