Producer: Davadrian


A-oh! I know you love that sound

A-oh! Get, g-get, g-get down

A-oh! Everybody coming around

You gots to show me how you get, g-get down

A-oh! I see you there below

A-oh! Let, l-let, l-let's go

A-oh! Goddamn, what do you know, let, l-let's go


Verse 1:

What's up, what's poppin now?

Oh you gotta feel the Hiphop sound, temperature dropping now

Find out that you're losing your breath

While you're bobbin your head, and as you move like the rhythm of sex

Hands up, kick drums are bumping

You always got kids making drama trying to prove that they're something so,

Ease up, hope I don't disappoint,

This my man, brownstar, and we bring you this joint,

So chiki-check it out, I'm in the house now

Put em up, gotta get up and get down

It's an insane, helluva show

You think you're giving it your all? well gotta give it some more

So pause, stop the things that you be doing

It's the one three, I'm just trying to get you moving, uh huh

You got too much to worry about

So for once, shut your mouth, try to get down


Repeat chorus


Verse 2:

Oh hell yeah, we're back again,

Gentlemen, ladies, I proudly present

This brand new song to bump in your ride

Take time, you can follow if you feel the vibe

Let me take you to a moment every minute every second

Some come along, take a journey on the record

I'm giving truth, you can holler "snitch!"

So make a move, you can follow "bitch!"

Get up off your ass, get up on your feet

When I'm making music, it's a masterpiece

Keep your ears open girl, on all the time

I'm being me, fuck pick up lines

This chick so goddamn fine

First sight gotta make her mine

Got one shot, better be on

And before you even knew it, we were going, going.. gone


Repeat chorus



Now twist and roll, inhale that smoke, gimme some of that

When shit unfolds, get locked and load, gimme some of that

I hold my own, don't trust my foes, gimme some of that

When you give it your all, better give it some more, now gimme some of that


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