Producer: Davadrian

Verse 1:

I'm hearin people say that apathy's the reason for a death of a nation

I'll be damned if I watch and let that happen to us

We can play our parts alone from individual locations

But united we can stand to go and weather the floods

We can spend our time watchin other people takin action

Or be proactive, lend a helping hand

To all the victims who lost their homes and nearly all of their possessions

From a storm much greater than man

You could extend your arm and you'll be sure to find a connection

We can try and find the bayani inside us for hope

Coz I can't, and won't, leave it up to those for election

In 2010 who will stoop to any level for votes

Coz this is it -- this is our time, this is our moment

To come together, make an effort in whatever we do

Lack of concern plus indifference will never make a difference

I can only hope you find the bayani in you



For all the people that's affected, things can only look up

There's a bayani in them, there's a bayani in us

For all donations and the volunteers breaking their backs

There's a bayani in this, there's a bayani in that

For everybody spreading the word all over the world

There's a bayani in him, there's a bayani in her

For everybody wondering on what it is they can do

There's a bayani in me, and a bayani in you


Verse 2:

You could go a long way, this a place where a meal just costs a dollar

Just imagine how much people you could feed

We could donate the clothes that we ain't wearin, volunteer a couple hours

Help a family get back up on their feet

Look inside, answer the call, lessons from history that taught us all

United for a cause will never see defeat,

The movement gains momentum, with momentum and the movement never falls

Plus the view is better standing from your seat

I know there'll be a struggle, need the muscles -- they won't go without a fight

But it's a battle I believe that CAN be won

No matter who, when, where you are I believe we can unite

For the blue, red, white, three stars and a sun

The power is in our hands to make a change if we dare

Let's take the time to show them cowards how it's supposed to be done,

And for my final message here's a little something to share:

Let's not just watch them be batanis, we know we can be one


Repeat chorus


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