Producer: Davadrian

Verse 1:

Guess who's back to bring you the news?

It's the One3d and the Audible crew

Coz we the only group that will give you the truth

The competition will be losin if they mess with us, ooh

People really gotta know: we dangerous

You try to play with us, we stay serious

And I must confess, we're cool unless

You runnin your mouth, you'll get beat with success

Coz if you want it you'll get it -- not in the physical sense,

But the damage we doin is just like breakin your legs

Just stop, rewind, coz if you had a mind

You'll mind your own business, leave ours behind

Now I ain't braggin, I'm just warning you to watch where you side

Coz we can and we will do it, we'll hurt your pride

To make somebody die by bleeding is a simple task

To kill somebody while they're breathing is a difficult act



You better pay attention to what I say

I'm stressin it's never safe if punks get in our way (Dangerous!)

We'll send you away, coz music we don't just play with

Hunting down our prey, we'll rise to the top today (Dangerous!)


Verse 2:

Ohhh, this is not a game

And in no way am I here to fail

I aim with precision, that's my claim to fame

Take a look at both of us, we're nowhere near the same

One Three, from Jakarta that's the place I stayed

Though in Manila it remains in my brain today

Never forget -- that's the rule of the game we play

And anybody who betrays, there's a price to pay

Might be ashamed to say, but you have to admit

It doesn't even take a minute of me wasting my spit

For you to nod a bit when I hit with my shit

It be an instant thing when I open my lips

It must be difficult for you to cope with the kid

My shit is touching a nerve, getting under your skin

I said it, told you before, I'ma tell you again

You never fuck with Audible, Miscellaneous and Ginn


Repeat chorus



Don't say I didn't warn you, coz I'm really not to blame if I harm you

If you really got a brain and some IQ, you would stay out of my way and won't argue

I just think you should keep out of mine and stay with yours, really best for both of us than to have a war,

You and I we're grown men we can act mature, don't gotta be a little kid like you were before (Dangerous!)


Verse 3:

Stop -- now drop,

One3D, check the flavor I got

You a big shot? Your shit's hot? Nah, I think not

There ain't no slots for top boss across spots

Hip hop, thick plots, hits, and big flops

Rumors and eavesdropping, ain't no way this shit won't happen

Those in rap who think there's good in being hard?

You can have it, you can be it, I'm cool with being smart


Repeat chorus



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