Act 1
Ez Mil
Producer: Ez Mil


Bro, Daenerys snapped on everyone

Gave no fucks

Imma do that to this beat though

And what the fuck is up like with this Snapchat

Filter everyone's usin' like

Everybody tryna be chicks now

Swear if I use that shit, I'll be like..

The pretties guy ever, no cap



Yo, uh

If your tea's gone cold and you're wondering why

Better stand in line

Cuz Lee's fan's are cryin'

Like these dandelions

They tears fanned and flyin'

With fear grabbin' iron

Man, so

Marvel over the way I

Diss, dis-r-e-s-p-e-c-t

Bone crushin'

A rib when I drive a stake thru the heart of

A busted body kit

(Vroom, vroom)

Of a rusted Dodge and drift

That muscle modded shit

So fuck it while we get...

Recct like 'r'-e-c-T-mobile!

Cuz all of you phony bitches is wack

It's disgusting really...


I'd fuck an optimist Prime slut androgynous

Whine cuz I'm poppin' this

Rhyme like it's bottled with

Time, fuck it's clockin' at

Nine, ten I'm rockin' hoggin docile

Bitches till they cream when they see that icy shit bitch, look..

I see shit that you don't muhfucka finna

Light three clips through yo dome muhfucka on my

Spike Lee shit I Malcolm muhfuckas 

Betta flight, flee, dip if you alone muhfucka

Don't test me

Rappin' this to make it though I never find cake

I've been missed thru ages so I severed ties late

I'm in situations lookin' very dark ay

I mean shit you Asians good at every darn thang

Said my privileged peers

In frivolous years

Shit was horrible whenever I would

Think about it

I was shiftin' my gears

While drippin' in tears

And look at my heart if it's sore it'll

Be fine if I put tape around it

Rolled around like a

Cardiac film strip

Off with her clothing like

Where is the party at?

We'll skip jaggedy edges and

Stab that Tekashi rat, killed snitch

Failed the rebellion

Like he was with Pontiac

Real shit

Yeah me and slashy, two of us is my squad

Deck em till they screwed up

I'll be on my Illy mode

Really tho

Philly Bo chapel white in city shows

Sicky mode

Billy Bo Baggin up a Silly ho

I be really feelin dirty as shit

Clean a round up ten plus thirty a clip

Served in a tip

I just need a bitch that I can fuck while

She workin' her shift

She up the clock but she also down to slurpin' this dick


I just wanna make a couple mil and

Get some pussy in the process

Wi-without a fuckin' deal

I don't fuck with puppeteers

I will grab a gun and kill

Pah, pah, pah

Right to your legacy

You know it's somethin' real and I

I'll be smooth with it at the same time

Get it jiggy with the flow while

Spittin' on the same rhyme

And the ladies, yeah they love it

Cuz they know that they mine

And you pussy muthafuckaz

Stayin' on my hate line

Who the hell?


Oh it's you! Hater number 5 how you doin' baby?


Oh is that it?

Oh so you came by just to say my song sucks?

And you hate the way I mix 'em too, aw shucks

Aye I'm sorry to stop you, I gotta go

I'm on a mission killin'..

Abominations that would dick babies


And gamble on they game to trick ladies


Bad or Slim I know that it's satan


Think your spittin'? Hoe ur mistaken

(We know)

Ask a pig what kinda cake he bakin'


Articles on me that think I'm fakin'


Claim you bangin' but when you get taken?


Fuck wit me but on the gram you hatin'?

(Y'all bitches)




Ginamit ko yung plow mo sa Poreber

Okay lang naman yata diba?

Wala namang problema no?

Uh, I don't know, ask yo Filipino homies to like

Translate this shit for you uhh..

I mean yeah, you got feh.. like fuckin'

Manny Pacquiao thing goin' on for you

You impersonated him

You got some Filipino homies

Yeah... bye


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