Tommy Chong (feat. Macklemore)

Blue Scholars
Producer: Sabzi

Verse 1 (Geo):

Ey, whether you’re ballin or broke

Wanna find The Most High? Just follow the smoke

Everybody wanna fly but nobody wanna know

How the whole thing started, whenever you were born

Yeah go back farther deep in the jungles in the Ganges river: 2000 BC

See Hindus and Sikhs, shitloads of weed

Very first plant cultivated for the fabric

And anytime they burned it the people started dancing

Medicine man put the people in the trance that they transported west

Brought by brown farmers

Shared with the Rastas and said it’s called Ganja

Greeks and the Turks traded gold for dope

And soon Shakespeare smoked the shit and wrote dramas

Soldiers Napoleon led brought civilians stashes of hash, took it back to France with em

Christopher Columbus: first drug smuggler

Slaves made to grow his shit, but smoked some of it

To laugh at the master plotting his disaster

And everywhere the immigrant went he had a drag there


Verse 2 (Geo):

I’m just stating the facts if I’m mistaken, my bad

I’m just the messenger, spitting Wikipedia raps

I gotta Shawn Kemp in my pocket cutting in half is two Gary Paytons

Don’t ask do the math

I know cats who got killed for the sack

Who’d probably be alive if the market for that bama wasn’t bad

You put it in the hands of the many who mark territories in blood

Kind of scary, huh?

Ain’t even talking bout the ones with the badge

The ones still waging that war inside their head

The same ones who could probably use a couple hits

And I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of fuckers did

Make you want to roll up a j and say “shit, I ain’t gonna be the one to get caught for doing this”

Cool, you gotta know the rules, how to live

You wanna find the loopholes, do what I say

As long as you ain’t got 40 grams in your hand

Can’t get you with a felony, delivery intent

But anything less than that’s a misdemeanor

And legally a reason for police to take seizure

Even with initiatives passed decriminalizing the green grass

They don’t wanna see that

Might as well get you a forever green pass

Hit that dispensary fast, believe that

This law’s so flawed

The foundation’s done

The more things outlawed

The more outlaws run

George Washington himself probably puffed the chronic

Now his face get exchanged for this shit, ironic


Verse 3 (Macklemore):

I went to that Bob Marley stage, that ganja ganja

That one love brah, it’s a medicine that makes you stronger

Equated to me chilling, isolated in my apartment

Blazing an eighth a day and playing Grand Theft Auto

Like “Damn, I’m way more creative”

Twenty minutes later, staring at the paper

Yeah, and 4/20, it was all about the love

Now it’s 4:31 and I’m paranoid as fuck

Like “who are these hippies, and where are my real friends?

Why are you playing hacky sack in a field, Ben?

You need visine, your eyes are real red

Wiz Khalifa’s gonna fuck your girlfriend”

I’m not against legalization, not at all

I’m against glorification, you are not Snoop Dogg

Moderation, that’s the key

But the door’s unlocked

It’s up to you how you use it

Make the call, c’mon



So when you puff that, thinking that’s how it is

Blowing more trees than the northwest wind

Knowing that you’re six times as likely as them to do time if your skin tone is darker than his

The last thing that you want on your mind

But demand and supply is in command of your high, bruh

Hey, you listening? I’m trying to drop gems

“Ay yo shut the fuck up and pass that shit”



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