Living In Stagnant Waters

Living In Stagnant Waters
c:/ and NothingElse
Producer: Chec


Undepicable, unpredictable, imaginary mirror circumstances lie, philosophical

Aeronautical, irrational, I guess it's natural to live and leave life metaphysical

Kinda way i gotta say it started out with a single puff of cigarette

Fifteen years of no regrets, the vices, the hobbies, the music, the rock, the soul, the jazz

Express yourself, ended up spinnin wax diggin racks and sacks

From a huge pile of knick knacks

Cut the fader, i broadcast you wearin your Darth Vader voice changer.

Man, the days still remain back when NothingElse walks with cain

Chucks with a stain, playin console games, workin out your brain

Forgettin all our names but no one is to blame

We were kids with no shame

Those were the days, we will leave it all in its place

Lock it up in a weatherproof case in space

You guessed it right, that's my card, it's an ace



You guessed it right, that's my card, it's an ace

Livin in stagnant waters, are you with me? Reality bit me

The third type of dengue fever that hit me

Slaps back tenfold approximately hundred twenty hours after

Punctured by the unexpected chapter

Til it raptures like a permanent skeletal fracture

Sneaks like a ninja star shinin rays that attack ya

Soon as i heard the 530am headline

I ran quickly like a fox jumpin over a slackin canine

And i reached the scenery of twisted metallics

I was a non-believer, wishin it'd go away like magic

So I look in the sky and wonder why

All I have left is mem'ries when I look myself eye to eye

I look at the dark clouds for that silver lining

Searchin for the mosquito to scratch while I'm rhymin

Juxtaposed Over Several Elements Makeshiftin Irregularities

Goin Under Each Limelight Castin Away Liberties

Learnin Anecdotes, Never Them Antidotes

A Gesture Opposin Negative Climactic Incidents, Love Life Odes

I suppose this prose poses as a rose as I close

(limited access, slow broadband)

I froze... Not enough ramifications.

(I froze.. Not enough RAM)



The man manifestin behind many masquerades

Absolute messages personified over noisy serenades



Mosquito bitin, scratch wax ignitin

Translate facts into philosophical writing



With weird yet entertaining antics

His hands become squid-like, people relax, no need to panic



No shit, peep on those zombie flicks

We ignite the scene with a matchstick



Nicotine to energon as they turn to ashes

He got eyes of a mo-hawk, he walks the talk



Livin in stagnant waters turn dry

Walk up to the geek mountain and colored his hair white



Teachin english as a primary voice

Chill witha 4:20 crew and unwind witha 5:thirsty boys



Streamin series, watchin movies

All those while writing porn articles.. hah! juicy!



A gladiator in his own right sayin shizzey

Balancin on cobwebs while multi-taskin is easy



Yeah, hands down, brother, I can't say nothing more to you

Besides you're anything and everything alrightyroo!

c:/ and NothingElse - Living In Stagnant Waters (2010):



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