Oskar Barnack Oscar Grant

Blue Scholars
Producer: Sabzi


Shoot the cops, shoot the cops, shoot the cops

Take your cameras out your pockets people

Shoot the cops, shoot the cops, shoot the cops

Take your cameras out your pockets people


Verse 1:

If they wanna shoot at us, got a right to shoot em up

They shoot us in the back, then they say its from the front

You're warned even if you aren't armed

They will find an excuse to do you harm if they think you're out of line

In every city's urban jurisdiction you will find

Some people making livings out of creeping from behind

And even if behaving most the time, man they know, if an officer's to blame they need to let it go

With a family at home, a mortgage to support

In times when its hella hard as fuck to find a job

If you wanna keep yours, you better not inform

Don't wanna be the side on the wrong side of the law

But guess what the people got a weapon of their own

The lens and a shutter built into a mobile phone

Evidence admissible in court even more more documented cases of what thing going on


Repeat hook


Verse 2:

I hear them saying that this shit don't ever happen in Seattle

And if it does it's really just a couple bad apples

But if you're keeping count you will see the shit is not the apple it's the tree

It's rotten underneath

Oh say can you see no way that its true they don't wanna see another south central '92

Or Seattle '99

Even if it happens what they're saying on the news

Bad people mad justifying the abuse

And youth, especially the ones with darker features being targeted to boot

And true, some people can't handle the truth

Now keep that feeling in mind when you pull the camera out and ask a pig to smile at you

I'm ain’t talking one I'm talking 3 or 4 or 5

What you so afraid of if you ain't committing crime

We are merely doing what a citizen should do

Better act right if I were you

The world is watching you

We gotta…


Repeat hook



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