Peace On Earth (feat. Babsie Molina)

The Oddventures of Mr. Cool
Francis M.

Verse 1:

I come in peace extend my hand to the next man in sight

No need to fight, black and white red and brown unite

All the people of the world we got to make a stand

Coz I can't understand why a man kills another man

Where is the love and respect I stand corrected

To be protected is the right of all that we expect that

The safety of the young is the safety of us all

And if we kill em all, then that's the beggining of our downfall

Apalled by the apathy of the administration

Students demonstrate while somebody's on vacation

Syndicates lurking in the underground like a plague

Clues are vague, but it's clearly gang related

I like to see the day where we can walk without fear

Without having to hear gunshots ringing in your ear

I pray someday that we can all be gettin along

Singing a song we can be singin all night long



There wont be peace on earth

Unless we live as one

We live for peace all our lives

For man, woman, and child


Verse 2:

We have a lot of wars going on around the world

But I've heard that wars can also be avert

Failure to communicate with one another is a reason

Not a lease on life but it's a reason to be releasing

Missiles lightin up the sky till it turns red

Bombs blowing up on innocents in this bloodshed

Count the dead there's too many lives hanging by a thread

See the wounded on CNN bodies full of led

Full of trauma watch a camera catch a drama

Baby and mama killed by the Oklahoma bomber

And imma say this cuz this is what I have to say

If it weren't for greed then we'd all be still alive today

I say why can't be all be pacified and civilized

Recognized the good in each and everyone's lives

Just realize that there won't be peace on earth

Until we learn to measure how much is a life worth


Repeat chorus


Verse 3:

Upon waking up do we say thank you to God

Why is our God different from your God

Isn't that odd? Or even when we tried

To cleanse or soul and take control

We always end up playing out our role on the TV show

I know it's kinda crazy but in a way makes sense

That whoever was sent to save world pays rent repent

In discover the essence of existance for instance

If life was a race can we go the distance

And it's just whoever says come forth with

Is he a prophet for profit or is he makin money of it

A lotta souls to save and a lotta pockets burn

A lotta money earned from the souls searchin

That we yearn for therefore let me suggest an amendment

Wherefore we have eleven commandments


To make money there's a space in Hades for hypocrisy


Repeat chorus (3x)



It's always gonna be fightin

They're always be a push and shout


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