Prologue (feat. Howle)

Soully, Yours EP
Producer: Kidthrones

Verse 1:

Been gettin visual with lyricals lately

Raps surmounting and I’m tryna make the pinnacle

Maybe I'm crazy

Caught up with a bunch of fugazis

But if you think I'm quittin know that nothing's gon' faze me

I'm stating

Like Statham getting snatched out

Always in the studio making music I crank out

I'm the one they badmouth

Let me take the cats and all the bags out

If I'm spitting lyrics know I'm living what I rap out

Either that, visions or my dreams

I can be that older brother helpin' your esteem

A message to all the teens, who are ready to startup, lean

Kings after the warm up, and prepared to meet a queen

We provin' there's no end to chivalry

Always keep it real, never trip or make believe

He's judging you by your deeds; I'm talking Supreme Being

And I'm praying for the souls of lost and pretty young things

Who like to do some pretty dumb things

Like a fuckboy talkin' to her just for one thing

And she doesn't see it

All of the bullshit she's believin' like it's fuckin' treason

It's clear as day and night or seasons

And the reasons hide the actions

But now I see it and I'm glad for things I had learned

I had to get burned a couple of times to know the truth

I don't blame her for her actions

I'm blamin' it on her youth



Talk to 'em like

Talk to 'em like this, yeah

Talk to 'em like this

Talk to 'em like this, yeah

Keep it real, keep it real

Never front, take a blunt to the feels


Verse 2:

I'm not part of the fame but I've been getting it

They say it's heaven sent working with this eloquence

I feel benevolent when talkin' to y'all

Luck of the draw

And painting pictures

And I've been my playing cards

And here for making wishes

I Invade a village

Never fiend, or rape, or pillage

I've been on a mission for commissions

To increase my digits

Tell my streamin' fictious

I separate the fiction

Visions of a lean startup with a horse's engine

We not the same invention but don't get me gassed up

I got a dream and vision I ain't gonna pass up

I'm tryna make my footprint bigger than the Sasquatch

Reachin' for the stars, I might partner up with NASA

Some people hate me like a bastard

Some people label me a black star

Some people really like to brag

They the best to ever rap

Never really know what facts are


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